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This is a list of ARM hardware owned by people in #gentoo-embedded (webchat) and in #gentoo-arm (webchat) on Libera.Chat, and who have Gentoo running on it. Feel free to add to the list!

To be on this list, a computer should:

  • ARM architecture
  • Be usable as an interactive computer, like desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Have a display port, (or builtin display), capable of normal terminal output or running X11.
  • Include input port(s), like USB, (or builtin keyboard & trackpad), capable of normal terminal output or running X11.
  • Enough CPU power to run an application under X11.
  • Enough memory to allow an application to run under X11.

For embedded ARM systems that do not meet these criteria, see the embedded ARM hardware list.

The hardware probe system may be used to provide detailed hardware information, by uploading a probe using the available tool, and providing a link to that probe along with the entry here.

Device Owner(s) Subarch CPU RAM Special features
Pinebook Pro Arwen
Jannik Glückert (Jannik2099)
ARMv8 Rockchip RK3399 : 2xCortex-A72@2.0Ghz + 4xCortex-A53@1.5Ghz / Mali-T860MP4 Quad-core GPU 4GByte LPDDR4 1600Mhz WiFi; USB-C alternate mode DisplayPort
1080P Pinebook Sebboh
ARMv8 Allwinner A64 : 2xCortex-A53@1.2Ghz / Mali400MP2 Dual-core GPU 2GByte LPDDR3 WiFi; Headphone jack doubles as UART
Samsung Chromebook Plus "kevin" AdmiralBokoblin ARMv8 Rockchip RK3399 (OP1) : 2xCortex-A72@2.0Ghz + 4xCortex-A53@1.4Ghz / Mali-T860MP4 Quad-core GPU 4GByte LPDDR3 WiFi; USB-C