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This is a list of full featured ARM computers owned by the people in #gentoo-embedded and #gentoo-arm on Freenode have running Gentoo. Feel free to add yourself to the list!

To be on this list, a computer should:

  • ARM architecture
  • Be usable as an interactive computer, like desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Have a display port, (or builtin display), capable of normal terminal output or running X11.
  • Include input port(s), like USB, (or builtin keyboard & trackpad), capable of normal terminal output or running X11.
  • Enough CPU power to run an application under X11.
  • Enough memory to allow an application to run under X11.
Device Owner(s) Subarch CPU RAM Special features
Pinebook Pro Arwen
Jannik Glückert (Jannik2099)
ARMv8 Rockchip RK3399 : 2xCortex-A72@2.0Ghz + 4xCortex-A53@1.5Ghz / Mali-T860MP4 Quad-core GPU 4GByte LPDDR4 1600Mhz WiFi; USB-C alternate mode DisplayPort
1080P Pinebook Sebboh
ARMv8 Allwinner A64 : 2xCortex-A53@1.2Ghz / Mali400MP2 Dual-core GPU 2GByte LPDDR3 WiFi; Headphone jack doubles as UART