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Name Michel Catudal
Nickname minou

Is active Yes

Beagleboard X15 support

I have a stage 3 available on my Suzie Linux website. That stage tree uses kernel 4.9. NTP is not installed so you need to set the clock before you attempt to do any update.

I have been busy fixing the issues with eMMC access on kernel 4.14 on Beagleboard X15 Rev A2.
My stage 3 doesn't support the Rev B1. I will have support for it in the next release. Since I only own RevA2 and RevC I don't have it in my yocto build. I will add it and test it sometimes later. I have one at work but not at home.

The eMMC is broken in the latest release from Texas Instruments.
The new eMMC driver for the AM5728 only supports 1.8V devices.
This is a problem because the Beagleboard eMMC and micro SD only supports 3.3V.

It looks like when it detects RevC it corrects itself but RevA2 is ignored.

I have fixed the issue the hard way by hacking the driver. My patch fixes both the device tree and kernel driver so it never checks to see if the device supports 1.8V and so hard coded it for 3.3V.

I have not checked the driver with the beaglebone yet. From what I see beaglebone is still at kernel 4.9.

I have used yocto to generate the kernel ad device tree binaries.
I am looking at creating an ebuild for the kernel to make it more gentoo like.

My work is currently on Funtoo. I also have Gentoo installed on my computer but have not been able to get the source of the latest kernel installed. That source is required to get my Ryzen 7 supported and avoid random crashes during the day.

As far as other ebuilds planned

1-EGL -- use the EGL from 3D GPU instead of the one from mesa 2-Fix weston and wayland to support 3D GPU 3-Add ebuilds for use of the 2D GPU if xorg is required 4-IPC support 5-PRU 6-CAN support

I will publish the address for my ebuild repository when I have the first ebuild done.
These ebuilds should work on both gentoo and funtoo

I do plan to provide a full linux besides the stage 3 for those who do not wish to start from scratch.