RISC-V hardware list

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This is a list of RISC-V hardware owned by the people in #gentoo-riscv (webchat) on Libera.Chat have running Gentoo. Feel free to add yourself to the list!

Device Owner(s) ISA uarch CPU RAM Status
SiFive Unleashed Yixun Lan (dlan)
rv64gc Freedom U540 Quad-Core 8G@DDR4 with ECC
SiFive Unmatched Yixun Lan (dlan)
Georgy Yakovlev (GYakovlev)
rv64gc Freedom U740 Quad-Core 16G@DDR4 with ECC
StarFive BeagleV Yixun Lan (dlan)
rv64gc SiFive U74 RISC-V core (JH7100) Dual-Core 8G@LPDDR4 project terminated
Allwinner NeZha D1 Alexfanqi
rv64gcv Single-Core 1G, 2G@DDR3