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Firefox have now the jack use flag. I don't know how it work with pipewire, but as pipewire is a jack alternative, the pipewire section look to be outdated to me. As I am not using pipewire, I cannot help with that. But I will add a section about firefox and jack.--DominiqueMichel (talk) 10:59, 10 April 2024 (UTC)

That will take some time because most of it already exist on the ALSA and JACK articles, but a fast look show me that some parts are outdated because we now have the jack ALSA plugin.--DominiqueMichel (talk) 11:02, 10 April 2024 (UTC)
In fact, it is not much to do here for JACK and its done. Remain the pipewire section to control and update if necessary.--DominiqueMichel (talk) 13:35, 10 April 2024 (UTC)
Firefox uses the ALSA backend by default, so if PipeWire is compiled with sound-server and pipewire-alsa USE flags, PipeWire will stand between ALSA and Firefox without any problems. There is no reason to compile Firefox with JACK support. --Lars Hint (talk) 19:59, 10 April 2024 (UTC)

Special URLs

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Prefixing Special URLs with http:// is definitely wrong. Copy one of them like "http://about:config" to the url bar, press ENTER and Firefox will take you to some search page. --Charles17 (talk) 06:42, 7 April 2015 (UTC)

Ah, I didn't check, glad you caught that! My intention there was to provide links for Firefox users to click on that would take them to the internal configuration pages. Have any idea on how we could provide a click able link there? I reverted the links to copy and paste code as they were before before; I think click able links would work better. --Maffblaster (talk) 16:32, 7 April 2015 (UTC)
See --Charles17 (talk) 19:10, 7 April 2015 (UTC)

Broken link in USE flag section

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The link to the Backtraces page ( for the debug use flag description, results in a 404. The correct one is probably Project:Quality_Assurance/Backtraces. However, I wasn't able to figure out how to change it (probably somewhere within the Template:USEflag) --Paraenggu (talk) 22:24, 29 September 2015 (UTC)

I have fixed the link. It might take a little while before the page gets refreshed. You were right in your figuring, the correct article to update was Template:USEflag/use.desc. We'd like to eventually do away with the way USE flags are handled for a more dynamic method, however that work is yet to be done. :) Thanks for the keen observation! Keep up the good work! --Maffblaster (talk) 22:46, 29 September 2015 (UTC)

Note the warning

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The "Emerge" section says, "users of the pre-built package should note the warning below." What warning below? Please enlighten. - dcljr (talk) 01:33, 22 December 2016 (UTC)

The source of the problem is this update. The warning was moved, and I guess later deleted. Stqn (talk) 13:35, 22 December 2016 (UTC)
I've restored the general part of the warning about not being able to set the listed USE flags. - dcljr (talk) 21:00, 22 December 2016 (UTC)
That's fine. I think most Gentoo users know about it. I added the warning in case newcomers think unbranded Firefox (Aurora) USE flags are effective for Firefox. --Maffblaster (talk) 22:29, 22 December 2016 (UTC)

fakeslotting is newly available

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user $equery m firefox
 * www-client/firefox [gentoo]
Maintainer: (Gentoo Mozilla Team)
Upstream:    None specified
Location:    /var/db/repos/gentoo/www-client/firefox
Keywords:    91.5.0:0/esr91: amd64 arm64 x86
Keywords:    91.5.1:0/esr91: ~amd64 ~arm64 ~ppc64 ~x86
Keywords:    91.6.0:esr: ~amd64 ~arm64 ~ppc64 ~x86
Keywords:    96.0.3:0/96: ~amd64 ~arm64 ~ppc64 ~x86
Keywords:    97.0:rapid: ~amd64 ~arm64 ~ppc64 ~x86
License:     MPL-2.0 GPL-2 LGPL-2.1

Imho the article lacks details about fakeslotting is available and the differences to chromium and the diffs to real slotting. How can it be used... --— The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jens3 (talkcontribs)

Hey, yes obviously the intent is to write more about it here. I've been meaning to update the mozilla wiki page a bit more overall, but it's not top of priority list even currently. Juippis (talk) 12:32, 9 February 2022 (UTC)

What is "fakeslotting"? This is not a real term used in Gentoo. The bug seems like this maintainer made up that term for some odd reason. A slot is a slot. They all act the same way. --Grknight (talk) 19:25, 8 February 2022 (UTC)
Per how devmanual describes slotting, we can't really call this a proper use of slots. Besides fakeslot is a commonly known term, just pop in to our IRC where it's been discussed long ago, and thrown around daily lately. Juippis (talk) 12:32, 9 February 2022 (UTC)
So really this is abusing the slots for your own purpose and a nasty habit to start. With Firefox being an ultimate leaf package, you won't see many issues directly. But, if people adopt this more widely, it's a nightmare once anything else depends on it. While technically possible, it is a bad idea to actually accomplish without making all slots installable at the same time as intended. --Grknight (talk) 14:20, 9 February 2022 (UTC)
Ehh, Firefox isn't the only package doing this. But yes, because it has no rdeps I did consider this possibility. I wouldn't recommend taking that route for packages that do. However, here, it works the best out of what's available. If you have better solutions - let me hear it. Juippis (talk) 17:17, 9 February 2022 (UTC)
Some slotted packages can be installed in parallel and other not. How do you distinguish that? Jens3 (talk) 19:59, 8 February 2022 (UTC)
There is no way to distinguish. Slots are slots and are created allow side-by-side installation. It is wrong to allow such things as blocking other slots. This is due to confusing Portage on resolution and unnecessary work by users to do what is necessary. If a maintainer wants to slot packages, then don't be lazy and do it the right way. --Grknight (talk) 20:57, 8 February 2022 (UTC)
"unnecessary work by users to do what is necessary." - they were introduced to make users lives easier. Out of curiosity, what is the "non-lazy proper way" you propose? Juippis (talk) 12:32, 9 February 2022 (UTC)
Are the other slots or package versions blocked? You call it slots and blocking the other slot (version?). Imho this fact should be mentioned on the wiki page of firefox.
Brian Evans (Grknight) and Joonas Niilola (Juippis) , a better place for Gentoo development discussion is IRC or email. At this point I think discussing wiki documentation has been lost from the scope of this discussion... Probably best to move onto one of those mediums for the rest. :) --Maffblaster (talk) 17:37, 9 February 2022 (UTC)
...or forums or mailing list ? I've been reading along here in the hope of learning why this solution over creating separate packages xD -- Ris (talk) 09:58, 11 February 2022 (UTC)

KDE Integration

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This discussion is still ongoing.

When following the instructions, creating widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal and setting it to true, did not result in firefox using KDE dialogs. However, when setting widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker to 1 (instead of default 2) it did the job and it seems that widget.use-xdg-dexktop-portal setting is not necessary. Should we change the page or am I missing something? --Ran.Rutenberg (talk) 20:53, 22 January 2023 (UTC)

IIRC "1" is native gtk file picker while "2" defaults to the xdg-desktop-portal. Or something like that. Would be great to get a working configuration for KDE, it could maybe be added to the ebuild.
-- Juippis (talk) 11:17, 23 January 2023 (UTC)

Ready for translation ?

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Hello, I would like to translate this page into French, I added the needed tags.

Waiting for the go !

Regards, Kévin GASPARD DE RENEFORT (talk) 11:02, 20 May 2024 (UTC)