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Gentoo user since 2006
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The username used to be Kyoran, and was changed to Kyoreln because the name was already taken on github. Some pages still reference the old account. (Curiously, even though I thought that it didn't matter in the slightest, I have come to intensely dislike the new name xD.)

Just hoping to help out if I can, in my spare time. I'm trying my best to do things right, please tell me if I mess up!

I've been using Gentoo almost every day since about 2006 for software development, office work, multimedia, web, graphics work etc. I've tried other distributions over the years, sometimes on the insistence of friends, and I have never found anything to match the stability, flexibility and just plain "seeming to do things the right way" as Gentoo.

I've been clicking on "thank" when I see my edits corrected - it's good to know that changes get reviewed :). I truly would like to thank the people reviewing my edits and keeping this place together!!

Works in progress - any contributions here much appreciated!