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Name P.Fox
Nickname ris (www.g.o link)
PGP key ID 0x7AF9C972F8748C98

Developer bug 888113
Is active Yes
Gentoo user since 2006
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Currently time-restricted. I'll still do what I can ;).

Daily Gentoo user since about 2006, for software development, office work, multimedia, web, graphics work etc. I've tried other distributions over the years, and I have never found anything to match the stability, flexibility and just plain "seeming to do things the right way" as Gentoo.

I would like to thank the wiki admins for all their work and for keeping this place together, the devs, everyone who has built Gentoo and it's great documentation, and all those who have helped me here over the years!!

On IRC, find me in #gentoo-wiki (webchat) as ris (sometimes ris_ or ris__).

Works in progress

These pages are being developed with the aim to move them to the main namespace once they achieve "critical mass" - any contributions here much appreciated!:

PageArticle description
Ris/wip/Gentoo hosting providerslist of providers that have been tested by Gentoo users, with notes on getting Gentoo running, if required.
Ris/wip/Third party Gentoo resourceslist of websites, outside of the Gentoo project, that may provide useful information for Gentoo Linux users.
See User pages accepting contributions for a list of pages in User namespace on which editors would like contributions.


I'm hoping to concentrate work on improving the core Gentoo documentation at first (as opposed to documentation for software packages etc.), starting with Portage related things in particular.

I want to properly revamp the "Help:" pages, bringing them up to date and making things as clear, readable, and as complete as possible. This seems like a good way to help more people get onboard, and to make the wiki experience better for everyone.

I then hope to work on categorizing articles more/better and fleshing out the category pages.

After core documentation, I want to work on explaining what Gentoo is, how it works, and what it is for - along the lines of what I have started in the FAQ, on What makes Gentoo different?. It seems to me that Gentoo is often misunderstood, and even misrepresented. I would like to at least provide proper information to make it easy to get a true idea of what Gentoo is and what it can be used for, so people can make up their minds about if it is for them or not, and hopefully avoid disappointing those who try out Gentoo having mismatched expectations.

I'll continue the category:Meta pages, as that is how I started out here, and I think it's helpful to show what useful user-facing tools are provided by ::gentoo, especially for new users.

I want to follow #gentoo (webchat) some time, to pick up any issues that would be suited to the wiki's "troubleshooting" sections - especially the issues that come up again and again. In parallel, I'd like to write documentation for anyone who would like to help us populate the "troubleshooting" sections by bringing over instructions from IRC or from the forums when issues are solved there.

These are somewhat loose plans. I spend a lot of the time just working on things noticed when browsing, or in relation to activity I happen to be doing on my installation.


Random ideas

"Documentation days" - like a bug day, for docs :o). Either close five discussions, document a package/concept you care about (even if just a stub), tackle a todo item, create a requested page, etc.

Documentation is important, and I think it has been one of the driving successes behind Gentoo (think about where we would be without the Handbook xD). Things could be much better though, and just a little effort on the documentation could make for a big impact on user experience - in fact I think it might today be a large section where the least work will go the furthest... which is why it seems so sad whenever it gets overlooked - we really should help make documentation writing cool :).