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Some hosting providers offer Gentoo hosting, VPSs, or actual machines on which Gentoo can be installed. This page is a list of providers that have been tested by Gentoo users, with notes on getting Gentoo running, if required.

If you have any experience with a particular provider, please add to this page so that other users can have a quick idea of what to expect! All that is needed is an account to edit the wiki. There is a quick start guide to wiki editing if desired.

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Type URL Date Offer
VPS 2021-11 Cloud Compute - High Frequency Compute - "80Gb NVME"

After opening an account and creating a server, provide the URL for the Gentoo minimum install CD from one of the Gentoo mirrors, in the web admin interface. Boot from there to get a VNC of the machine's screen in web browser (no other setup needed). n.b. the keyboard was a little off with this VNC web client (watch out with passwords). Machine boots to root prompt from Minimal Install CD. Follow Handbook until getting a sshd up, reboot and ssh to the machine.

Payment per minute after pre-crediting account. VPSs may be created and destroyed freely. Pre-exiting instances may be upgraded only.


Type URL Date Offer
Virtual server 2021-11 Cloud

Choose systemrescuecd and boot into ram (copytoram). Follow on with the Gentoo handbook. No official support.


Type URL Date Offer
VPS 2022-02 Performance VPS - KVM / 4X-LARGE

No official support, but was able to install Gentoo by following the guide and just using the live environment after partitioning. Utilized the desktop-stage3-openrc tarball and proceeded on just as said in the handbook. Bonus, they don't have port 25 blocked for email servers.