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Even though this page is in the user namespace, corrections and additions are much appreciated! This is simply wiki policy, this page can be moved to the main wiki as soon as it achieves critical mass.

User pages accepting contributions

These pages are drafts started by wiki editors in their User namespace while they are developed, and on which the authors would appreciate help. Please contribute if you can!

PageArticle description
Ris/Wiki tipstips on editing and viewing the wiki.
Ris/wip/Collaboration requestsThe collaboration requests are pages for which contributions would be particularly helpful.
Ris/wip/Gentoo hosting providerslist of providers that have been tested by Gentoo users, with notes on getting Gentoo running, if required.
Ris/wip/Third party Gentoo resourceslist of websites, outside of the Gentoo project, that may provide useful information for Gentoo Linux users.
Ris/wip/User pages accepting contributionsdrafts started by wiki editors in their User namespace while they are developed, and on which the authors would appreciate help.
Vazhnov/Dirty hacksMaybe it will help to anybody who wants to do some digging.
Vazhnov/Knowledge Base:IPv6 only
Vazhnov/Knowledge Base:Version 9999For some of ebuilds, portage shows you version 9999. It means this ebuild uses latest upstream version.
Vazhnov/Knowledge Base:emerge no space left on deviceIf you see "No space left on device" while emerge
Vazhnov/Knowledge Base:replace rust with rust-binswitch from source-based dev-lang/rust to binary-based dev-lang/rust-bin
Vazhnov/Offline usagenotes about offline Gentoo install/usage
Vazhnov/PlatformIO + VIM + ccls + Sipeed Longan nano RISC-V

Adding to this page

Pages under user namespaces aren't usually open to edits from other users. By adding a page to this list, it shows that edits from other users are accepted, and the page will be put forward for contributions.

To add a page to this list, simply include the User:Ris/Template:Userspace collaboration template at the top of the page, as so:

{{User:Ris/Template:Userspace collaboration}}

This will automatically add the page to this list, opening it up to changes from other users, and will include a note at the top of the page with the explanation given.

It seems that this list currently does not update itself when the User:Ris/Template:Userspace collaboration template is added to a new page. After adding the template, make a trivial, invisible change to this page and save it, to refresh the list. Looking for fix, suggestions welcome.
Remember to include an [[Article description:: ]] property on pages with the User:Ris/Template:Userspace collaboration template, to provide an indication of what the page is about.
Once this pages is moved into the Main namespace, the syntax will become much simpler.

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