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Even though this page is in the user namespace, corrections and additions are much appreciated! This is simply wiki policy, this page can be moved to the main wiki as soon as it achieves critical mass more.

This is a list of websites, outside of the Gentoo project, that may provide useful information for Gentoo Linux users. Sources that we fully disagree with will not be included.


Distrowatch is a website that has existed since 2001 and provides information and comparisons of different Linux distributions, as well as general Linux news and advice.

The Distrowatch page about Gentoo - - may be of particular interest to Gentoo users, by showing at a glance what versions of core software components are currently available, as well as linking to some Gentoo specific news stories.

Distrowatch also provides a popular, informal, "ranking" of Linux distribution usage. The information is simply based on page visits, so is in no way rigorous, and could even be biased.

r/Gentoo on Reddit

There is a discussion forum dedicated to Gentoo on Reddit. It may however be more productive for the Gentoo community to use the Gentoo forums (?).

Gentoo Discord Server

A place to discuss Gentoo related projects with other Gentoo users, for anyone who prefers not to use IRC. Support questions are also welcomed and appreciate anyone that can spare some time to help some of newer users to our community.

Quality reviews

Sadly, Gentoo seems to often be misrepresented by many commenters, or misunderstood by potential users. There is however some quality and objective writing on Gentoo, and here are some up to date examples:


Wikipedia has a relatively large article on Gentoo : Just as for this wiki, any additions or corrections will surely be appreciated on that article!


YouTube, and other video sites, have videos about Gentoo.

Beware of videos about installing Gentoo however, the only supported and recommended method to install Gentoo is by following the Handbook.

Following the handbook will allow field-tested customization during installation, and is sure to provide an excellent learning experience, with all the context and references to understand what is happening. Not following along with the Handbook for installation may lead to unknown issues, and will surely preclude the possibility of getting support from the community, without starting the whole installation over.