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Even though this page is in the user namespace, corrections and additions are much appreciated! This is simply wiki policy, this page can be moved to the main wiki as soon as it achieves critical mass more.

Some notes about offline Gentoo install/usage. Maybe useful in organizations with firewalled network, without Internet access.


To show URLs to download:

root #emerge --ask --fetchonly portage

Portage offline

Probably the best option is to have a mirror.

Here is description how to create mirror with portage tree (ebuilds): Local Mirror.

Also you need Local distfiles cache.

Python pip/pypi

It is possible to download packages with dependencies in advance:

mkdir /tmp/pip-offline
pip install --download /tmp/pip-offline/ ansible

Then use it somewhere:

pip install --user --no-index --find-links=file:/tmp/pip-offline/ ansible

Or create fully offline mirror: bandersnatch. But mirror size is about 10TB (at 2020), see PyPI Public Dashboard.


  • Rust cargo?