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Name Alexey Vazhnov
Nickname lenin

Gentoo user since 2020/01/31
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My name is Alexey Vazhnov, I'm Linux engineer since 2008 and Gentoo newbie (at 2020).

Short bio

Here is my short bio in Russian:

  1. I was born in Uchaly city in 1983.
  2. In childhood, my hobby was DIY electronics, so occasionally I still solder something.
  3. I started programming Basic and Z80 assembler in high school (1998?), also I soldered my first sound card for ZX Spectrum Kvorum BK04 and some lighting equipment for a school disco.
  4. I tried to graduate university, but I gave up after 3 years.
  5. I used to write in Perl for some years later. In 2006-2007, I wrote an accounting software for a local cable television company, and then a web-site, which could generate TV programs into RTF files to print.
  6. Then in 2008 I tried FreeBSD (because of "Free" in name) and I fall in love in this OS! Also I relocated from Uchaly to Chelyabinsk and started to work in ISP as a Servers administrator. Later I installed Ubuntu first time and then switched to the Linux world.
  7. In 2015 I started to work with AWS clouds and created thousands Linux virtual machines since then. I like to write in Python, use Ansible and I trying to like Terraform and Jenkins.
  8. In 2018 I relocated to Saint Petersburg in hope to relocate in Europe later within new company.
  9. In 2020 I started to use Gentoo as OS for my home desktop.
  10. In July 2020 I relocated to Wrocław, Poland.


Below is a list of my drafts. Don't hesitate to edit them and/or move them to the main pagespace!

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