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Welcome to the Gentoo Wiki!

Larry the cow welcomes you to the Gentoo Wiki.

 Available documentation

To find information use the search box on the top right corner of the screen, or categorically browse the wiki using the Documentation topic links provided below.

Both official Gentoo project documentation as well as community-contributed content can be found here. The vast majority of documentation is publicly editable. Official documents have a Handbook: or Project: prefix (only developers can edit them). Community members can leave comments/feedback for these pages via their respective Discussion pages.

Find something you would like to add or edit? The Getting started section (below) gives contributors a few pointers on how to start editing articles.

Most importantly, the Gentoo Handbook is among the best documents found on the wiki:

Documentation topics



July 14, 2017: Thank you!

A special thank you to all our wonderful contributors and translators who improve the state of our documentation and make important parts of our documents (especially the Handbook) available in non-English. Thank you all for your behind the scenes efforts! For visibility, the article blueprints (useful for creating new articles) can now be found below. Happy editing!

April 20, 2017: Article descriptions and the 'See also' template

Your wiki admins have been experimenting by setting a Article description property in the body of some articles. The goal is to expose more data points and obtain an increasing amount of modularity across the site. Ultimately wiki contributors will eventually write less (and deduplicate) content by using templates to grep for data from other articles (such as the See also template). Properties come with Semantic MediaWiki, an extension to MediaWiki, and can be confusing, so be sure to read up them before getting too carried away.

September 21, 2016: HTTPS for links

As part of our effort to continually improve the wiki, we'd like to encourage the use of HTTPS for external links wherever possible. This is especially important for an article's homepage InfoBox link since it is prominently placed at the top of articles (and more likely to be clicked). Please verify the link supports HTTPS before substituting. Happy improvements!

 Getting started

Anyone is welcome to edit or create pages on this wiki.

Before making your first edit or creating your first new page, please consult the Help page. It also links to the MediaWiki User's Guide which contains information about how the wiki software works.

If you think there is something we can improve, please let us know on the Feedback page.

Should you have any questions related to using or editing the wiki, you can always join our #gentoo-wiki IRC channel on Freenode or email us at

Please note: If you need general Gentoo support, please get in touch with our support community instead.

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