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Status of mediawiki-el

Talk status
This discussion is done.

Just tried out mediawiki-el; trying to use it to edit a page results in:

 Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "XML: (Not Well-Formed) Invalid end tag ‘head’ (exp...")
 signal(error ("XML: (Not Well-Formed) Invalid end tag ‘head’ (exp..."))
 error("XML: (Not Well-Formed) Invalid end tag `%s' (expec..." "head" "link")

Looks like the repo hasn't been worked on for several months now.

-- Flexibeast (talk) 05:44, 10 April 2023 (UTC)

Thanks. I've added a note about it, but kept the link for the time being as it's the only option for emacs. -- Ris (talk) 10:06, 10 April 2023 (UTC)