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There are two interwoven paths for becoming a Gentoo developer. If you would like to focus your work on ebuilds, then you are probably interested in becoming a developer with commit access to ::gentoo. If you are interested primarily in other areas of contribution, you may prefer to become a developer without commit access.

Step 1. Contribute

If you would like to help Gentoo, first find yourself something to do. You may want to look at our contribution guide, and subsequently look through the Gentoo projects. For ebuild work, you can try helping out one of the projects that focus on maintaining packages, such as the GNOME and KDE projects. Alternatively, you can maintain your own packages or co-maintain other Gentoo packages via the Proxy Maintainers project. For non-ebuild work, you may want to look at other projects, such as Bug Wranglers or Gentoo Forums.

Step 2. Participate

If you enjoy working on Gentoo and would like to stay longer, you should consider starting to participate in the community. You should consider joining some of our IRC channels, subscribing to some of the mailing lists and/or using Gentoo Forums. This way you get to know more of the Gentoo developers and users, and they get to know you!

Step 3. Find a mentor

The next step towards becoming a Gentoo developer is to find a mentor. A mentor is an existing Gentoo developer who will vouch for you and help you in. Most of the developers find their mentor among the developers they initially work with. If you have any trouble finding a mentor, contact the Mentors project.

Step 4. Take quizzes

Before you become an officially recognized Gentoo developer, you are expected to learn a few basics on how Gentoo is structured and how it operates. To get commit access, you will also need to know a fair bit about ebuilds. To help you get yourself knowledgeable, we have prepared one or two quizzes for you to take.

The prospective developers aiming to obtain commit access should take the ebuild quiz, followed by the end quiz. For candidates for developers without commit access, we have prepared a less technical developer quiz instead.

Step 5. Get recruited!

Once you and your mentor agree that you're ready, you arrange a review session with the Recruiters at a convenient time. During this session(s), Recruiters interview you and ensure that you have obtained all the necessary knowledge. Once you pass the review, the Recruiters create your developer account and announce you as a new developer.