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Small fixes

Talk status
This discussion is done as of April 20th, 2014.
  • In the sentence "Support requests related to package.unmask and/or package.mask might not be answered." the Path template should be used for the parts in bold.
  • Same for "When a package has been masked by the Gentoo developers, yet despite the reason mentioned in the package.mask file"

Fturco (talk) 12:06, 18 April 2017 (UTC)

Thanks, updated. --SwifT (talk) 16:19, 20 April 2017 (UTC)

"~amd64" missing in examples

Talk status
This discussion is still ongoing as of November 01, 2019.

The examples shown in Handbook:AMD64/Portage/Branches#Mixing_stable_with_testing should include the ~arch information.--Charles17 (talk) 09:01, 1 November 2019 (UTC)