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La variable DISTDIR définie l'emplacement dans lequel Portage conservera le code source téléchargé. Par défaut, elle est définie à /usr/portage/distfiles.

Cet emplacement qui est aussi souvent appelé l'emplacement « distfiles » héberge les archives du code source de tous les programmes installés (ou que l'on a tenté d'installer) sur le système. Cet emplacement n'est cependant pas nettoyé automatiquement, c'est pourquoi l'utilisateur peut avoir besoin d'outils tels que la commande eclean-dist (qui fait partie du paquet app-portage/gentoolkit) pour garder le contrôle sur le stockage dans cet emplacement. Pour une information plus complète, reportez-vous à l'article sur Eclean.

Les utilisateurs peuvent définir la variable DISTDIR dans /etc/portage/make.conf

FILE /etc/portage/make.confUtiliser un emplacement DESTDIR différent

Source of archives

To download source code archives, Portage will download files from servers defined in the GENTOO_MIRRORS variable first (to alleviate load on upstream project resources and for other reasons). The SRC_URI variable in individual ebuilds, points to the package's original source files, which is originally downloaded by the ebuild maintainers during ebuild creation and development.

Part of ebuild development is the creation of Manifest files, which ensure the upstream source files are not modified from the time they are downloaded by the ebuild developer, distributed to Gentoo's mirror system, then to their destination on the endpoint system.

Bypassing Gentoo mirrors

Attention !
Over time, upstream projects who host package source files will move their project's source URLs to new locations. In some instances, upstream projects will discontinue development, which eventually leads to the inability to obtain software sources from upstream locations.

Due to the Gentoo mirroring system, ebuild maintainers can still 'support' ebuilds with deprecated upstream sources. This allows software to be gracefully phased out of the ::gentoo ebuild repository, which is part of a good user experience for the Gentoo community. For these reasons and others, users who choose to bypass the Gentoo mirror system should expect unreliable downloads for source files.

To download the source archives bypassing Gentoo mirrors, set the GENTOO_MIRRORS variable to an empty value from the command-line. For example:

root #GENTOO_MIRRORS="" emerge --ask www-client/firefox

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