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This is a list of mobile devices tested via the stage3 tarball provided by the Android project.

Feel free to append this table with your own devices.

Vendor Device Android Variant Version Tarball Works? Reported by Notes
Alcatel OneTouch Fierce stock 4.2.2 20141210 Yes Deathbyfreezeray none
Amazon Fire Phone Lineage OS 4.4.4 20161026 Yes Rage none
Amazon Kindle Fire (5th Gen) stock (Fire OS) 5.3.1 20180226 Yes Tkdestroyer2 none
ASUS Transformer TF700T stock 4.0.3 20141210 Yes heroxbd none
ASUS Transformer TF700T CyanogenMod 10.1.3 20141210 Yes tgerczei none
ASUS Transformer TF700T CyanogenMod 11 M12 20161026 Yes heroxbd none
ASUS Transformer TF700T OmniROM 5.1 20161026 Yes heroxbd none
ASUS Transformer TF700T 20210706 Yes Hedmo The TF700T boots up with a custom multiboot loader and the kernel is a patched 5.14.0-rc2
ASUS Zenfone 3 Ultra stock 20161026 Yes heroxbd none
ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE552KL LineageOS 15.1 20180225 Yes eshep none
BQ Aquaris X Pro LineageOS 16.0 20180225 Yes Ultimator Symlinked /bin/bash to prefix bash
Google Pixel XL stock 9.0 20180225 Yes CodeJoule none
HTC Nexus 9 Wi-Fi


LineageOS 15.1 20200704 Yes Leo3418 none
HTC Nexus 9 LTE (flounder_lte) LineageOS 14.1 20180225 Yes hoefling none
HTC One M7 DualSIM stock 5.0.2 20180226 Yes magic_b none
Huawei Honor 7 PLK-AL10 stock (EMUI) 3.1 20161026 Yes heroxbd none
Huawei Honor 7 PLK-AL10 stock (EMUI) 4.0 20161026 Yes heroxbd none
Huawei P8 Lite 2017 PRA_LX1 stock (EMUI) 5.0.1 20180226 Yes kavra Change order mount rw in startprefix line 25 to rw,remount
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus FHD stock 10 20200704 Yes comcloudway Manually remount / as rw before starting the prefix; openrc requires absolute path to control services (e.g. rc-update add /data/gentoo64/etc/init.d/sshd)
LG Nexus 4 E960 stock 4.4.2 20141210 Yes scocou none
LG Nexus 5 D820 stock 4.4 20141210 Yes tuxtor none
LG Nexus 5 stock 20141210 Yes stefanb
LG Nexus 5x stock 8.1.0 20180205 Yes southpawflo
LG G4s H735 stock 5.1.1 20161026 Yes Pikami none
LG Optimus 4X HD CyanogenMod 4.4.4 20161026 Yes czernitko none
Meizu Meilan note3 stock(Flyme) 5.1 20161026 Yes troysung none
Motorola Droid Razr XT910 stock 2.3.6 20141210 Yes heroxbd none
Motorola Moto G 4G stock 4.4.4 20141210 Yes
bansan none
Motorola Moto G8 Plus stock 10 20200704 Yes comcloudway Manually remount / as rw before starting the prefix; openrc requires absolute path to control services (e.g. rc-update add /data/gentoo64/etc/init.d/sshd)
Motorola Moto G9 Plus LineageOS 18.1 (lineage_odessa userdebug 11) 20200704 Yes Iosevka Remount root as RW, Needed an SD card mounted to '/data/gentoo64', set the 'gentoo' repo location to within the SD card, otherwise ran out of Inodes.
Motorola Moto E 2nd. Gen (XT1526) Slim 20161026 Yes McDookus none
Motorola Nexus 6 stock 3.10.40-g7f8ca4d 20161129 WIP Matthew Marchese (maffblaster) none
Motorola Nexus 6 LineageOS 8.1.0 20180226 Yes Sour_cream none
Oppo F1 (F1fw) LineageOS 16.0 20200704 Partial lifers Had to use "# mount -o remount,rw /system", couldn't emerge gcc (segfault), sys-apps/shadow not installing correctly
Oppo R11 ColorOS 3.2 20201010 Yes wittlee none
OnePlus One A0001 (64GB) CyanogenMod 11-20141202-NIGHTLY 20141210 Yes xmw none
OnePlus X (ONE E1005) LineageOS 14.1-20170504-NIGHTLY-onyx 20170520 Yes Andrade227 none
Rover RoverPad Sky 7.85 3G stock 4.4.2 20161026 Yes mva SD-card only installation. Not enough space on /data and internal 5Gb sd-card emulation is vfat-only
Samsung Captivate Glide SGH-I927 CyanogenMod 10.2 20141210 Yes TobiasPal none
Samsung Galaxy Note II SC-02E CyanogenMod 11-20141219-NIGHTLY-t0lte 20141210 Yes houkensjtu none
Samsung Galaxy Note II SC-02E stock 4.3 20141210 No houkensjtu [[1]]
Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300 CyanogenMod 10.1.3 20141210 Yes Numbers none
Samsung Galaxy S SC-02B CyanogenMod 11 20141210 Yes Alicef none
Samsung Galaxy Mini II GT-S6500D stock 2.3.6 20141210 Yes Daniel Ruthardt none
Samsung Galaxy Note III SM-N900W8 C-RoM 7.1 20141210 Yes Kyle Farwell none
Samsung Nexus 10 OmniROM 4.4.4-20150108-manta-NIGHTLY 20141210 Yes Aled Cuda SHELL
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 SM-T719N LineageOS 16 20180225 Yes Arturb fully upgraded to latest gentoo sources except sys-libs/glibc added to package mask <= 2.26 as glibc 2.30 doesn't support kernels < 3.20. There was at beggining problem wit EAPI portage which I solved by cp python3.5 python3.6 then upgraded portage, then build new python 3.7 -3.9 then rebuild portage ..

/data/gentoo64/etc/portage/profile/package.provided is Your friend for upgrading EAPI/portage

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SM-T705 stock 4.4.2 20141210 No stefanb Tab S refuse to start.

./startprefix: line 20: /data/gentoo/bin/grep: Permission denied ./startprefix: line 34: /data/gentoo/bin/dirname: Permission denied ./startprefix: line 35: /data/gentoo/bin/mkdir: Permission denied

Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus stock 4.2.2 20180226 No WalrusFromSpace Trend Plus refuses to start.

./startprefix: line 23: /data/gentoo/bin/grep: Permission denied ./startprefix: line 37: /data/gentoo/bin/dirname: Permission denied ./startprefix: line 38: /data/gentoo/bin/mkdir: Permission denied

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime LTE G360M stock 5.0.2 20141210 Yes mdq99 SHELL
Samsung Galaxy S III SC-06D CyanogenMod 20160213-AOJP-d2dcm 20141210 Yes ntsc_j none
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825 stock 7.0 20161026 Yes Filip Bole updated startprefix script to use busybox mount to remount instead of native mount
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5100 stock 4.2.2 20161026 Yes NeW MeN none
Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720T Optimized LineageOS 14.1 20180225 Yes kjensenxz none
Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710F LineageOS 15.1 20180226 Yes RomainL none
Sony xperia-m dotos 7.1.2 20180226 Yes Adel Ahmed none
Vivo Vivo y17t FuntouchOS 4.2.2 20161026 Yes Fugoes SD-card only installation with one fat32 partition and an ext4 partition. The OS's file manager can only recognize the fat32 partition but you could mount the ext4 partition through adb shell.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 14.1 20180225 Yes Pieracuti none
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro modded MIUI 12 10.0 20200704 Yes toxyxd had to use "root # mount -o remount,rw /"
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro LineageOS 17.1 20200704 Yes Skyflighter Rooted, had to use "root # mount -o remount,rw /"
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s LineageOS 18.1 20220114 Yes Nikkux # mount -o remount,rw /


# mount -o remount,rw -a

Xiaomi Redmi 4 LineageOS 15.1 20180225 Yes liaemvi none
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 LineageOS 16.0 20180225 Yes devfx11 none
Xiaomi Mi 9t stock(MIUI) 9.0 20180225 Yes kdb424 Stock rooted rom installed to /data
ZTE Axon 7 stock 6.0.1 20161026 Yes heroxbd none
ZTE Axon 7 LineageOS 14.1 20161026 Yes heroxbd none