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Yuan Liao
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Leo3418 (IRC)

en-3This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.

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  • The user and system administrator of a bunch of Gentoo systems running the latest Linux stable kernel, systemd and GNOME on Btrfs volumes. I was a Fedora user for 2.5 years but moved to Gentoo for the ease of creating and maintaining custom software packages with custom ebuilds, fine-grained control over software package versions, and the ability to have a list of user-installed packages in plain-text format instead of as a complicated and obscure SQLite database. For this reason, my Gentoo system configuration is largely influenced by Fedora's default choice of software packages.
  • A participant of Google Summer of Code 2021 for a project that focused on java-ebuilder, Kotlin support on Gentoo, ebuild testing, and more.