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Point of this template?

Gentoo Wiki does not have editors or anyone to "claim" an article. For works in progress, Template:WIP already exists. For to do items, Template:InfoBox todo exists.

If this gets moved to the Template namespace, I'll have to greatly neuter it. --Grknight (talk) 18:31, 2 August 2021 (UTC)

I understand. To be honest, that's some relief: I'm not enjoying trying to get this working xD. Thanks for the heads up before I spent my evening wrestling MediaWiki !! I wouldn't have moved anything to the Template workspace without asking.
I asked on IRC, but I don't often get an answer (not complaining - I don't know how people manage to survive with all the work they seem to do), so I was just going to try it out. Help:Editing_pages [1] : this is what I've been working from these past weeks, pending feedback. As I've mentioned, I appreciate the corrections: in the absence of whole swaths of edits getting reverted, I'm supposing what I add is probably *passable* :).
The motivation for this template was that I'm planning on doing edits to a set of articles and I worry that people could translate things that I plan on reworking (sometimes heavily), and I thought it would be a shame to potentially waste good work. I realize now that such a system is probably not needed. I promise I'll read more docs and figure things out, but translation seems foreboding on MediaWiki, I've been putting it off...
The idea was less to have people "claim" articles than to provide some indication of article quality. The text was not thought out, I just wanted to see if I could get it working technically.
This is what I asked on IRC:
"<kyoran> I'm planning on some far reaching edits on quite a few articles over the next few months (!= promising, but I hope to). I want to concentrate on things I see as most important to users (core, meta, portage, openrc, +documentation [more links to docs on web, Wikipedia, man pages...], etc.). I see that recently more translations are coming in and I'm wondering if I should warn people that I plan on modifying some articles (ie a box at bottom of page) ? [It] seems a shame to let people work on translations and then change the source...
<kyoran> Rather than spreading any effort over many articles as I have been doing, I could concentrate on one or two articles at a time and then flag them as "ready for translation", if what I bring up could indeed be a problem...
<kyoran> Perhaps at this time, the only page I've been working on that might be somewhere near what I'm hoping to do is this one : (still needs work)"
I have added writing a reStructuredText wiki with proper, versioned, translation to my list of projects to dream about, since I saw this: xD.
Btw, I think the main thing I've seen discussed on IRC is that people miss you since the servers changed ;).
Thanks, all the best. Ris (talk) 19:48, 2 August 2021 (UTC)
  1. "The number one rule of wiki editing, is to be bold. Dive in and make changes. Other wiki contributors can correct mistakes later, so have confidence, and give it a try!"