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Notes for Fedora

  1. Use Minimal Image
  2. Use `nmcli` to setup Wi-Fi network
  3. `sudo yum upgrade` to upgrade the system.
  4. Reboot.
  5. `sudo yum install git wget`

Label is changed to `fedora` for root partition. When mounting had to run `modprobe dm_crypt`. When mount boot, had to run `modprobe vfat`. for gentoosupport doesn't work right now because `/proc/config.gz` isn't a thing. Not sure how to proceed here right now. Opted to skip known good kernel step and use my dist-kernel instead (jaredallard/Asahi-overlay step) Can't use KERNVER from `make kernelversion`. Infer from `/lib/modules`

We do need to put the rd options for crypt boot into `/etc/default/grub`