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OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System) is security scanning software used identify and detect network accessible vulnerabilities. It is used by both offensive and defensive security experts to determine attack surfaces.


USE flags

Cannot load package information. Is the atom net-analyzer/openvas correct?


The net-analyzer/openvas is a meta-package. It depends upon the command-line interface, libraries, manager, scanner, and tools. Do not be surprised if the dependency list is a little long:

root #emerge --ask net-analyzer/openvas

Additional software

Additional support for extra checks gained from emerging the following software:

Package Description
app-forensics/ovaldi For ovaldi (OVAL) — an OVAL Interpreter.
net-analyzer/amap For amap — an application protocol detection tool.
net-analyzer/greebone-security-assistant For The Greenbone Security Assistant as alternative to the plain scanner.
net-analyzer/ike-scan For ike-scan - an IPsec VPN scanning, fingerprinting and testing tool.
net-analyzer/nikto For Nikto — a web server scanning and testing tool.
net-analyzer/portbunny For portbunny — a Linux-kernel-based portscanner.
net-analyzer/w3af For w3af — a web application attack and audit framework.


The following steps can be checked at any point by running the openvas-check-setup utility.

Generate an SSL certificate

Before OpenVAS can be started, an SSL certificate must be generated:

root #openvas-mkcert

Generate the client's SSL certificate

root #openvas-mkcert-client -n -i

Download vulnerability list

Download the vulnerability list with the following command:

root #openvas-nvt-sync

Update the scan daemon's cache

root #openvassd --only-cache

Rebuild the management daemon's NVT cache

root #openvasmd --rebuild

Download the SCAP data

root #openvas-scapdata-sync

Download the OpenVAS CERT database

root #openvas-certdata-sync

Create a user

Users will not be able to login until accounts have been created for them. Pretending a user by the name of Larry would like to create an account:

root #openvasmd --create-user larry

Unless you want a large GUID for a password, be sure to change it:

root #openvasmd --user=larry --new-password=SuPErSeCR3TP@assw0rd

Users can be listed with the following command:

root #openvasmd --get-users



Stuck on configuration steps

root #openvas-check-setup

Service not starting

Check the log files located at /var/log/openvas/.

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