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GParted is GNOME's front-end to GNU Parted and its official disk management and partitioning utility. Because of it's robustness, ease of use, and wide support for filesystems it is one of the best graphical partitioning utilities available for Linux.


Installing GParted is easy, however adding support for the filesystems it is capable of supporting may take a little time. If recompiling the kernel is needed then adding support to GParted means emerging the associated userspace tools.


It is important to have kernel support for all the filesystems GParted will be managing. See the respective kernel sections by clicking on the links for each filesystem:

USE flags

USE flags for sys-block/gparted Gnome Partition Editor

btrfs Include Btrfs support (sys-fs/btrfs-progs)
cryptsetup Include LUKS volume support (sys-fs/cryptsetup)
dmraid Support for dmraid devices, also known as ATA-RAID, or Fake RAID.
f2fs Include F2FS support (sys-fs/f2fs-tools)
fat Include FAT16/FAT32 support (sys-fs/dosfstools)
hfs Include HFS support (sys-fs/hfsutils)
jfs Include JFS support (sys-fs/jfsutils)
kde Add support for software made by KDE, a free software community
mdadm Support for Linux software RAID.
ntfs Include NTFS support (sys-fs/ntfs3g)
policykit Enable PolicyKit (polkit) authentication support
reiser4 Include ReiserFS4 support (sys-fs/reiser4progs)
reiserfs Include ReiserFS support (sys-fs/reiserfsprogs)
test Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)
udf Include UDF support (sys-fs/udftools)
wayland Enable interim workaround to allow running GParted under Wayland by granting permission to the X11 display using x11-apps/xhost.
xfs Include XFS support (sys-fs/xfsprogs, sys-fs/xfsdump)


root #emerge --ask sys-block/gparted


root #emerge --ask --unmerge --ask sys-block/gparted


There is not much configuration to GParted.


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Cannot open a certain filesystem type

See also

  • parted - The command-line interface to GNU Parted.

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