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ReiserFS is considered as deprecated in the Linux kernel[1]. Users of ReiserFS are encouraged to migrate their data to supported filesystems such as ext4, XFS, or btrfs.

ReiserFS is a journaling filesystem for Linux licensed under the GPL-2 license and is the predecessor of Reiser4. ReiserFS was originally developed by Namesys and Hans Reiser, but is under maintenance by volunteers nowadays.



Support for ReiserFS has to be enabled in the Kernel first.

KERNEL Enabling ReiserFS support
File systems  --->
   <*> Reiserfs support


Utilities for ReiserFS are available in sys-fs/reiserfsprogs package:

root #emerge --ask sys-fs/reiserfsprogs


ReiserFS filesystem corruption issues

If the ReiserFS partition is corrupt, try booting the Gentoo Install CD and run reiserfsck --rebuild-tree on the corrupted filesystem. This should make the filesystem consistent again, although there may be some lost files or directories due to the corruption.

See also

  • Ext4 — an open source disk filesystem and most recent version of the extended series of filesystems.
  • XFS — a high-performance journaling filesystem
  • ZFS — a next generation filesystem created by Matthew Ahrens and Jeff Bonwick.