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This article provides configuration information, sometimes links to other articles, so that all the things may be colorized.

Software that can be colorized



less requires some extra help by using a syntax highlighter as an input preprocessor (see the LESSOPEN and/or LESSCLOSE environment variables for more details) in order to colorize output. For this example, pygments will used in order to help colorize less' output.

Create a custom ~/.lesspipe file. Gentoo provides a lesspipe file (/usr/bin/lesspipe with the less package itself (sys-apps/less). This file will be automatically sourced by bash, due to the /etc/env.d/70less file.

FILE ~/.lesspipe
case "${1}" in
        pygmentize -f 256 "${1}";;

        pygmentize -f 256 -l sh "${1}";;

        pygmentize -f 256 -l vim "${1}";;

        if grep -q "#\!/bin/bash" "${1}" 2>&1 /dev/null; then
            pygmentize -f 256 -l sh "${1}"
            exit 1

exit 0

Make the new file executable:

user $chmod u+x ~/.lesspipe

Modify the shell's run command file. In this case, bash:

FILE ~/.bashrc
export LESS='-R'
export LESSOPEN='|~/.lesspipe %s'



See Nano#Syntax_highlighting.


The popular vim editor has built-in support for color schemes. The vim core package ships more than a dozen themes and additional themes easily added.