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USE flags for noobs

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This discussion is done.

I'm just trying for first Gentoo, and (of course) came across the term "USE flags" - and then found this page. But, explanation as "USE flags are a core feature of Gentoo" is IMO quite insufficient. (I'll find it, do not worry!) -- Fhanzlik

I added an hyperlink giving a presentation of the term "USE flag". The previously used hyperlink is still given in the "External resources" section. -- Feng (talk)

The "USEful commands" section

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This discussion is still ongoing.

Based on my experimentation, the three commands following the sentence "To check if a certain USE flag is activated and which packages use it" seem to be reporting two different things.

The first two commands, euse -I <use_flag> and quse <use_flag>, don't report packages which have the specified USE flag set, only packages which have that flag available.

The third command, on the other hand, reports which packages have the specified USE flag not merely available, but actually set.

Is the above correct, or am i missing something? If it's indeed correct, i'll redo the section to split the three commands into two different sets.

-- Flexibeast (talk) 05:08, 10 May 2024 (UTC)