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"Let him cook!"
Pondering chef cooking with Gentoo.

A testing space for various improvements to the wiki. Our goal is to list out all the elements of a page, some images, templates, SMW functions, and more in order to have an at-a-glance dashboard to review after the wiki's Tyrian theme changes or Mediawiki updates.

List elements margin test

Unordered list:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
    • Nested item 1
      • 2nd level nested item
  • Item 3

The margin between the ul elements needs expanded; particularly the blank space between the bottom of of the element and the top of whatever is beneath it. In this instance it's a paragraph.

Ordered list:

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
    • Nested item 1
      • 2nd level nested item
  3. Item 3

The margin between the ol elements also needs to expanded. Are there other elements effected by this issue?

Project count and active developers test

There are presently 171 projects worked on by 117 active Gentoo developers.

Handbook properties functionality test

Internal to the handbooks, set properties are displayed using the {{Handbook Variable}} template.

CAN YOU SEE THE AMD64 BOOT PARTITION in the box? /dev/sda1


Gentoo AMD64 Handbook/dev/sda1

SMW show (inline) queries test

  • Show grub-efi-file amd64: grubx64.efi
  • Show grub-efi-file x86: grubx64.efi

SMW ask (block) queries test

Heading 2 test

Heading 3 test

Heading 4 test

Heading 5 test

Big ol' list-o-templates

user $ls -l
total 112
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root   2048 Dec 30 19:32 courier.fc
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root     23 Dec 29 18:42 courier.if
root #cat --help
Usage: cat [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Concatenate FILE(s) to standard output.

With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

  -A, --show-all           equivalent to -vET
  -b, --number-nonblank    number nonempty output lines, overrides -n
  -e                       equivalent to -vE
  -E, --show-ends          display $ at end of each line
  -n, --number             number all output lines
  -s, --squeeze-blank      suppress repeated empty output lines
  -t                       equivalent to -vT
  -T, --show-tabs          display TAB characters as ^I
  -u                       (ignored)
  -v, --show-nonprinting   use ^ and M- notation, except for LFD and TAB
      --help     display this help and exit
      --version  output version information and exit

  cat f - g  Output f's contents, then standard input, then g's contents.
  cat        Copy standard input to standard output.

GNU coreutils online help: <>
Full documentation at: <>
or available locally via: info '(coreutils) cat invocation'
  • {{KernelBox}}:
    KERNEL Enabling evdev
    Device Drivers --->
      Input device support --->
        <*>  Event interface
  • {{FileBox}}:
    FILE /etc/portage/make.confSetup make.conf for LIRC
    # (Replace "devinput" with the proper driver)
  • {{CodeBox}}:
    CODE An example ebuild function
    src_compile() {
      escons CC="$(tc-getCC)" FOO=1
  • {{Archived}}:
    The information in this article is representative of former times and has been archived. It can be used for reference, but is most likely not appropriate for current usage. Generally, archived articles should not be edited.
    Note about why the article was archived and what to do currently instead.
  • {{Unsigned}}: — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Maffblaster (talkcontribs) 2023-12-31
  • {{Dated}}:
     As of Aug 2, 2012, the information in this article is probably outdated. You can help the Gentoo community by verifying and updating this article.
  • {{Delete}}:
This page has been nominated for deletion.

The given reason is: orphaned and out of date information

If you disagree with its deletion, do not remove this notice; discuss your objections on the associated discussion page.

Administrators, please remember to check if anything links here and the page history before deleting.

This notice should remain for a minimum of 1 month after it was placed on the page. If discussion is still ongoing it should remain until a consensus is reached, at which time the page may be deleted or this notice may be removed. (However, if the page has only been edited by the user who nominated it for deletion and/or is in the nominator's user space, then a speedy deletion may be called for.)

My todo list:

  • First todo item.

  Note to editors

Look out for this wiki people!

user $command -h
 Some output 
root #command -h
  • {{Unmerge}}:
    root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose sys-apps/portage
  • {{USEflag}}:

    USE flags for app-editors/nano GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality

    debug Enable debug messages and assert warnings. Note that these will all be sent straight to stderr rather than some logging facility.
    justify Enable justify/unjustify functions for text formatting.
    magic Add magic file support (sys-apps/file) to automatically detect appropriate syntax highlighting
    minimal Disable all fancy features, including ones that otherwise have a dedicated USE flag (such as spelling).
    ncurses Add ncurses support (console display library)
    nls Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
    spell Add dictionary support
    static !!do not set this during bootstrap!! Causes binaries to be statically linked instead of dynamically
    unicode Add support for Unicode
  • {{Talk page}}:
This is a Talk page - please see the documentation about using talk pages. Add newer comments below older ones, sign comments using four tildes (~~~~), and indent successive comments with colons (:). Add new sections at the bottom of the page, under a heading (== ==). Please remember to mark sections as "open for discussion" using {{talk|open}}, so they will show up in the list of open discussions.
Talk status
This discussion is still ongoing.