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SVG graphic of Larry the cow
Larry in his younger years wearing designer suede hoofs.

Larry the Cow is one of Gentoo's unofficial mascots. He was first unveiled on the Gentoo Forums by a user called Nefarius.


SVG graphic of Larry the cow
Larry after he grew his black and white patches.

Here on the wiki the occasional use of Larry's name can be used as a substitute when needed.

Using Larry's name for this purpose is beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. It helps establish a consistent style for readers and editors to keep in mind.
  2. Using Larry's name in appropriate places helps the Wiki's documentation feel more fun and coherent. Many readers enjoy humor and Easter eggs.
  3. It helps Mr. Larry feel more included. Instead of feeling lonely, like he has been off in the pasture all by himself for days.

For example, the gpasswd command could be used with Larry's name and an example group instead of simply <user> and <group>:

root #gpasswd -a larry <group>

As opposed to:

root #gpasswd -a <user> <group>

Both could work. One method is not better than the other. But the first method gets more style points.


In the past there have been controversies over Larry the Cow's title. Since Larry is a male (he has no udders) he should properly be called "Larry the Bull". A bug was filed for this inconsistency, however it was decided to take no action. The Gentoo community lives and must live with the results.

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