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The following is a semi-structured, rough user page blueprint that users can copy and paste to provide them with ideas for information to include in their user pages. Be sure to substitute <username> below with an actual user name. Be aware some information provided in the blueprint may not be desired or relevant; it is always easier to delete unneeded content than to type out new content.

Before copying it is possible to demo the User pages blueprint by going here.

Suggestion for the user page's Summary field: Initial creation of my user space page.


{{InfoBox stack
|{{InfoBox user
 |name= <real name>
 |email= <email>
 |website= <url>
 |overlay= <url>
 |blog= <url>
 |icq= <username>
 |aim= <username>
 |gtalk= <username>
 |jabber= <username>
 |skype= <username>
 |msn= <username>
 |yahoo= <username>
 |mac= <username>
 |irc= <username>
 |facebook= <username>
 |google+= <username>
 |myspace= <username>
 |twitter= <username>
 |youtube= <username>
 |flickr= <username>

== About me ==

Hi, I'm <username>! Here are some of my interests:

* Interest 1
* Interest 2
* ...and Gentoo Linux, of course!

== My projects ==

I like to work on these projects:

* Project 1
* Project 2
* Project 3

== My hardware ==

Here is a list of some of my hardware that I use to run Gentoo:

* Notebook that runs Gentoo 1
* Notebook that runs Gentoo 2
* Desktop that runs Gentoo 1
* Desktop that runs Gentoo 3

== Links ==

* Link 1
* Link 2
* Link 3

Lets make Gentoo better together!

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