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The Gentoo KDE team maintains the KDE ebuild repository. This ebuild repository contains live ebuilds, upstream pre-releases, works-in-progress, and other things not yet ready or otherwise unsuitable for the main Gentoo ebuild repository. This article provides instructions on adding Gentoo's KDE ebuild development repository to a system.

Using the ebuild repository

The easiest way to enable the KDE repository is using eselect repository which will function with emerge --sync without any extra software (besides dev-vcs/git):

root #emerge --ask app-eselect/eselect-repository dev-vcs/git
root #eselect repository enable kde
That is all that is needed to setup the repository. The following sections are a short introduction and not necessary for installing e.g. Plasma 5.


In addition to the standard packages, a wide range of package sets are provided. For example:

  • Installation of latest stable KDE Frameworks 5:
root #emerge --ask @kde-frameworks
  • Installation of KDE Plasma 5.21:
root #emerge --ask @kde-plasma-5.21
  • Installation of KDE Frameworks master branch:
root #emerge --ask @kde-frameworks-live
  • Installation of everything:
root #( emerge --list-sets | sed -n '/kde.*live/s/^/@/p' | { mapfile -t a; emerge -av --select "${a[@]}" <&3; } ) 3<&0

Keywording and unmasking

To assist users with stable systems and those who wish to test specific package versions, the ebuild repository provides a set of package.accept_keywords, package.mask, and package.unmask files. All available files are in the Documentation directory.

For example, to keyword KDE Frameworks 5 master branch:

root #cd /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
root #ln -s /path/to/repository/kde/Documentation/package.accept_keywords/kde-frameworks-live.keywords

Reporting bugs

Please file bugs on Bugzilla, prepending the summary with [kde overlay]. Additionally, pull requests are accepted at the Github mirror.