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This page covers ways the Semantic MediaWiki extension can be leveraged on the Gentoo wiki. The Semantic MediaWiki extension allows wiki pages to store information, as well as to query information on other pages.



{{InfoBox homepage}} is used to display a link to a homepage in a right-floated box. It is typically used on software pages such as Plasma:

{{InfoBox stack
|{{InfoBox project|KDE|header=true}}
|{{InfoBox homepage|}}
|{{InfoBox package|kde-plasma/plasma-meta}}
|{{InfoBox wikipedia}}

{{InfoBox homepage}} sets a property that can be queried using {{Homepage}}. For example, {{Homepage|Plasma}} produces .


{{InfoBox user}} is used to display information about a user on their user page. For example, User:Larry might have the following:

{{InfoBox stack
| {{InfoBox user
  | name = Larry the cow
  | nickname = Larry
  | gpg_fingerprint = 13EBBDBEDE7A12775DFDB1BABB572E0E2D182910

As of 2024-05-16, there are no templates to simplify querying these, so they need to be queried as follows:

{{#show: User:Larry | ?Has Name= }}
Larry the cow
{{#show: User:Larry | ?Has Nickname= }}
{{#show: User:Larry | ?GPG fingerprint= }}

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