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how to know what modules I might need

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The instructions say to edit the /etc/conf.d/modules file to load any required modules, but I'm a noob to kernel compilation so I don't really know how to know what modules might be necessary. Could a small guide to figuring it out be added, and maybe a link to a relevant article in this wiki that would go into more detail?

I mean, running the suggested find command returns about 14000 modules. Advice on how to reduce that number would be very appreciated.

--HonestSalami (talk) 18:26, 1 May 2018 (UTC)

A note was added saying this is usually unnecessary for hardware. --Grknight (talk) 16:11, 7 November 2018 (UTC)


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The instructions on the page say:

"For x86-based systems Gentoo recommends the sys-kernel/ package."

and instruct the user to issue the following command:

"emerge --ask sys-kernel/"

This command is incomplete and will not work. The correct command should be:

"emerge --ask sys-kernel/gentoo-sources"

This was an error with the rendering; the code was in place to mention the correct kernel. --Maffblaster (talk) 01:41, 12 January 2017 (UTC)

Add systemd information

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I have a gentoo with systemd installed. My impression is that the /etc/conf.d/modules is used by openrc, not by systemd. In such a configuration I usually perform the following:

  • module autoload to be set in /etc/modules-load.d/ directory
  • modules options to be set in /etc/modprobe.d/ directory

Is it the case to mention?

Regards Giampiero

Previous comment by Zio-lupo

Right now systemd instructions have not been merged yet (we refer to the main systemd page for more information) but chances are that we will add those instructions to the handbook in the near future. --SwifT (talk) 11:40, 4 March 2015 (UTC)
We have added mention of systemd to the Handbook along with some instructions for those interested in using systemd to proceed to the main systemd article for setup. This is as good as it's going to get for now. --Maffblaster (talk) 01:34, 3 February 2017 (UTC)

Section Architecture specific kernel configuration: shows kernel options for x86-64

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This discussion is done as of 25 October 2021.

The kernel options shown in this section does not correspond to the options for an x86 architecture. This should appear instead:

For x86, make sure you have the 64-bit kernel option unset, and select the processor family.

[ ] 64-bit kernel
Processor type and features
    Processor family
        ( ) 486
        ( ) 586/K5/5x86/6x86/6x86MX
        ( ) Pentium-Classic
        ( ) Pentium-MMX
        ( ) Pentium-Pro
        ( ) Pentium-II/Celeron(pre-Coppermine)
        ( ) Pentium-III/Celeron(Coppermine)/Pentium-III Xeon
        ( ) Pentium M
        ( ) Pentium-4/Celeron(P4-based)/Pentium-4 M/Xeon
        ( ) K6/K6-II/K6-III
        ( ) Athlon/Duron/K7
        ( ) Opteron/Athlon64/Hammer/K8
        ( ) Crusoe
        ( ) Efficeon
        ( ) Winchip-C6
        ( ) Winchip-2/Winchip-2A/Winchip-3
        ( ) AMD Elan
        ( ) GeodeGX1
        ( ) Geode GX/LX
        ( ) CyrixIII/VIA-C3
        ( ) VIA C3-2 (Nehemiah)
        ( ) VIA C7
        ( ) Core 2/newer Xeon
        ( ) Intel Atom

Mimosinnet (talk) 20:33, 28 January 2021 (UTC)

This will not be an easy change as it currently just pulls from the AMD64 block. Perhaps it should just be set to "noinclude" for the processor types. Then add these in. --Grknight (talk) 21:18, 28 January 2021 (UTC)

Joan (Mimosinnet) , it should be looking better at this point! See Special:Diff/173890/1023036 for the diff. Thanks for the pointer! --Maffblaster (talk) 20:01, 25 October 2021 (UTC)