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GsoC 2023 with Gentoo

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Welcome to the Gentoo wiki portal on Google's Summer of Code 2023.

Here, you will find all information on Gentoo's participation in this year's edition, how to apply for a project, what ideas we have, and who to contact with any questions.

Quick links:

Further resources

Getting help

In case your question was not answered on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Here is how you can reach us:


Important events

For more information, consult the [1].

Upcoming Dates:

March 20 - 18:00 UTC - GSoC contributor application period begins

April 4 - 18:00 UTC - GSoC contributor application deadline

Team members


Developer Nickname Role
Yury German Yury German (BlueKnight) Administrator
Alec Warner Alec Warner (antarus) Administrator


If you wish to mentor Gentoo GSoC projects, please add yourself. Please add the projects you would like to mentor and your contact person/address. Someone from the Gentoo GSoC team will contact you back.

Name Projects (Optional) Current Country
Guilherme Amadio (Amadio) -- Geneva, Switzerland
Max Magorsch (Arzano) --
Yixun Lan (dlan) -- Shanghai, China
Benda Xu (heroxbd) Prefix, Science Beijing, China
Andreas K. Hüttel (dilfridge) --
Yuan Liao (Leo3418) -- US
Sam James (sam) -- UK
Andrey Falko (Ma3oxuct ) -- US

Project ideas

See Ideas or suggest your own.

Accepted projects

Projects cannot be accepted until proposals are made by students for one of the ideas available (or their own) and submitted!

Projects subpage

Project log

External resources