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Name Alec Warner
Nickname antarus (www.g.o link)

Is active No



Infra Plans

Nitrokey guide

Code Review / Pull Requests

Code Review Proposal

Github Incident 2018-06-28


P.G.O Development

Bugfixes for soko branch.

P.G.O Operations

Sustaining new soko app with Arzano.


Package libpam-policycache

Deploy on nodes to re-use LDAP password everywhere

Releng Releases

How do they work?

Releng runs some process that produces releng artifacts. They use per-arch ssh keys to deposit artifacts on Typically artifact are deposited in the homedir for each arch.

Every 15 minutes, /releases/bin/ is run. The role of this cronjob is to accept new artifacts (from each arches homedirectory) and place them in /release/distfiles/weekly. It will also generate symlinks and textfiles for 'latest' for each artifact.

Every 20 minutes, runs a sync and sign process. This reads from for each arch and copies that data into /var/tmp/gmirror-releases/releases/. points at /release/distfiles/weekly; so this sync-and-sign process should be run after copy_buildsync.

After sync-and-sign; OSUOSL rsyncs the final artifacts to the mirror network; and from there to the CDN.


  1. Hold host logs for N days (locally)
  2. Hold service logs for M days (aggregated.)

When aggregated, logs are anonymized.