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On Saturday 4th February 2017 and Sunday 5th February 2017, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 2017 took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Naturally a Gentoo crowd was there; this page collected public information about our presence and helped with organizing stuff.

Users and Developers available at FOSDEM

Please add yourself if you're not listed yet!


Nick Arrival Departure Signed up for stand time Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
Andrew Savchenko (bircoph) Friday noon Monday noon No Yes Yes Yes (not Gentoo-related)
Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn (chithanh) Saturday morning Sunday evening Yes No Yes No Bringing button machine, Large-White-Banner-Europe, stickers, some more mugs
Vladimir Smirnov (Civil) Friday evening (probably) Sunday evening No Probably Yes Yes (not Gentoo-related)
Andreas K. Hüttel (Dilfridge) Thursday late night Monday afternoon Yes Yes Yes No Bringing LiveDVDs and 1-2 posters
Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss) Friday morning Monday morning Yes Yes Yes No
Hans de Graaff (Graaff) Friday afternoon Sunday evening Yes Yes Yes No
Michael Haubenwallner (haubi) Wednesday evening Monday evening Yes Yes+2 Yes+2 No
Justin Lecher (Jlec) Friday evening Sunday evening Yes Yes Yes No Looking forward to meeting the crowd
Johannes Huber (johu) Friday noon Monday morning Yes Yes Yes No
Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Friday evening Sunday evening Yes Yes Yes No Bringing banner
Daniel Kuehn (lejonet) Friday Monday No Probably not No No
Matt Turner (mattst88) Thursday Tuesday No Yes No No
Patrice Clement (Monsieurp) Saturday morning Sunday evening Yes No :( Yes No
Manuel Rüger (mrueg) Friday afternoon Sunday evening Yes Yes +1 Yes +1 No Bring some Gentoo mugs from the e.V., let me know if you want one.
Ettore Di Giacinto (mudler) Thursday Monday Yes Yes +1 Yes +1 No
Matthew Thode (prometheanfire) Friday Morning Sunday Evening / Monday Morning Yes Yes +1 Yes +1 No
Rafael Martins (RafaelMartins) Friday evening Sunday evening No Yes Yes Yes (but not Gentoo related)
Sebastian Pipping (sping) No No
Sven Vermeulen (SwifT) Saturday morning Saturday evening No No No No
Xavier Miller (xaviermiller) Saturday evening Saturday evening No No Yes No
Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4) tbd tbd Not yet Yes Yes Hopefully
Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike) Thursday afternoon (week before) Monday afternoon It's full! No Yes No


Nick Arrival Departure Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
Michael Everitt (veremit) Thursday night Monday Yes +1 Yes +1 No Bringing arduino (and associated) ebuilds for Manuel Rüger (mrueg)

Doing quizzes in a dev room
Also representing Galapagos & Adélie Linux

berte Friday afternoon Monday afternoon possible possible No Coming for Virtualisation stuff but I want to join Gentoo community events/talks
lovelytux Friday noon Sunday afternoon no yes No Talking about gentoo and especially I want to meet Gentoo community
You Early Late Yes Yes No Bringing good mood and finished quizzes
wiktor (aka wiktor_b) Friday noon Monday noon yes yes no
orionbelt Local Luser no yes no

Gentoo stand

Gentoo has a stand at FOSDEM 2017, following up last year's successful stand. We are located at K (level 1, group B) 2 between ReactOS/Haiku and CoreOS.

As last year we expect to announce a new livecd during FOSDEM 2017

The following is an hour-by-hour schedule of who is running the stand. The plan is to have always two devs present, with overlapping two-hour slots (i.e., 10h-12h, 12h-14h, ... and 9h-11h, 11h-13h, 13h-15h, ...) (At start and end there are shorter slots, but these obviously also involve build-up and teardown.)

Saturday Sunday
Hours Developer 1 Developer 2 Developer 1 Developer 2
0900 Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Matthew Thode (Prometheanfire) Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss)
1000 Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss) Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn (chithanh)
1100 Matthew Thode (Prometheanfire) Ettore Di Giacinto (mudler)
1200 Hans de Graaff (Graaff) Andreas K. Hüttel (Dilfridge)
1300 Johannes Huber (johu) Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f)
1400 Manuel Rüger (mrueg) Hans de Graaff (Graaff)
1500 Patrice Clement (monsieurp) plz someone
1600 Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Ettore Di Giacinto (mudler)
1700 Andreas K. Hüttel (Dilfridge) Michael Haubenwallner (haubi)

Gentoo dinner


We'll meet after the FOSDEM closing talk at the Gentoo booth ca. 18.15. No plans for concrete restaurant yet.


We'll meet (as every year) for the traditional Gentoo dinner on saturday evening. It will take place at Chez Léon's in the Centre of Brussels (near the Delirium's). Menu at €30.60 (B3, C2, E4 page 6); we will meet and leave together after the Distributions devroom closes at 18:55, in front of the lecture hall K.4.601 of that devroom.

In case of organization questions, contact Xavier Miller (xaviermiller) .

Gentoo OpenPGP Web of Trust

Gentoo will not host a key signing party this year, but participants are encouraged to exchange and verify OpenPGP key data to build the Gentoo Web of Trust. Please bring printed information of the fingerprint and various UIDs you want certified along with a valid governmental ID matching the UID. You can use a service like [1] to generate such a key slip.

A graph of the curent WoT and keyblock statistics