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Name Matt Turner
Nickname mattst88
PGP fingerprint
3BB6 39E5 6F86 1FA2 E865 0569 0FDD 682D 974C A72A
Developer bug 310977
Is active Yes
Contact info
mattst88 (IRC)

User info
devThis user is a Gentoo developer.
Gentoo user since 2004
enThis user is a native speaker of English.

My TODO list


  • aboot-2.0


  • Switch IA64 ISO boot with sys-boot/grubDone
  • Switch SPARC ISO boot with sys-boot/grubDone
  • Switch SGI/MIPS ISO boot with sys-boot/grub
  • Switch man pages away from app-text/asciidoc to something lighterweight bug #679374
    • Or just make building the documentation optional?
  • Use squashfs images for porttree snapshots bug #274337Done
    • Support handling arbitrary repos
  • Fix kerncacheDone
  • Make catalyst consume a file that contains information on multiple builds
    • Good place to start is to write a program that converts the new file format into multiple '.spec' files
    • Build multiple targets in a single catalyst invocation
      • Have catalyst understand which stages are just temporary, and don't compress them, etc
      • Use squashfs and mount in the next stage build using overlayfs
        • Use the 'volatile' mount option in v5.10+?
  • Cross compiling support
  • Configure number of jobs/load-average in catalyst.confDone
    • Would allow specs to use the default `update_seed_command`
  • Add some sanity checking to ensure that `pkgdir`, et al, set by catalyst match what portage is using
  • Switch to pyproject.toml-based build system
  • Overhaul the kernel building system
    • Simplify and allow only a single kernel sources package to be used (e.g. for all of the kernels on a LiveCD)
  • Containerize catalyst and break the dependence on the host system's bootloader
  • Use sys-apps/util-linux's Python libmount API instead of calling mount(8)Done
  • Run only the functions that need bind mounts inside a mount namespaceDone
    • Will prevent catalyst from accidentally deleting things outside of the chroot
  • Remove the dependency on dev-python/pydecomp
  • Encode QEMU interpreter name into architecture .toml files, for use if building on an incompatible host
  • Script finding and including required .so files, rather than manually listing them in netboot/packages/<label>/files