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Name Matt Turner
Nickname mattst88 (www.g.o link)

Fund me
Developer bug 310977
Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
Is active Yes
3BB6 39E5 6F86 1FA2 E865 0569 0FDD 682D 974C A72A
Contact info
mattst88 (IRC)

User info
devThis user is a Gentoo developer.
Gentoo user since 2004
enThis user is a native speaker of English.

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My TODO list


  • aboot-2.0


  • Switch IA64 ISO boot with sys-boot/grubDone
  • Switch SPARC ISO boot with sys-boot/grubDone
  • Switch SGI/MIPS ISO boot with sys-boot/grub
  • Switch man pages away from app-text/asciidoc to something lighterweight bug #679374
    • Or just make building the documentation optional?
  • Use squashfs images for porttree snapshots bug #274337Done
    • Support handling arbitrary repos
  • Fix kerncacheDone
  • Make catalyst consume a file that contains information on multiple builds
    • Good place to start is to write a program that converts the new file format into multiple '.spec' files
    • Build multiple targets in a single catalyst invocation
      • Have catalyst understand which stages are just temporary, and don't compress them, etc
      • Use squashfs and mount in the next stage build using overlayfs
        • Use the 'volatile' mount option in v5.10+?
  • Cross compiling support
  • Configure number of jobs/load-average in catalyst.confDone
    • Would allow specs to use the default `update_seed_command`
  • Add some sanity checking to ensure that `pkgdir`, et al, set by catalyst match what portage is using
  • Switch to pyproject.toml-based build system
  • Overhaul the kernel building system
    • Simplify and allow only a single kernel sources package to be used (e.g. for all of the kernels on a LiveCD)
  • Containerize catalyst and break the dependence on the host system's bootloader
  • Use sys-apps/util-linux's Python libmount API instead of calling mount(8)Done
  • Run only the functions that need bind mounts inside a mount namespaceDone
    • Will prevent catalyst from accidentally deleting things outside of the chroot
  • Remove the dependency on dev-python/pydecomp
  • Encode QEMU interpreter name into architecture .toml files, for use if building on an incompatible host
  • Script finding and including required .so files, rather than manually listing them in netboot/packages/<label>/files
  • Set locale.gen before stage1's update seed
    • Create and use a CHOST-based pkgdir for updating the seed, ccache, distcc