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X11 Project
Description The X11 project manages the X implementations and related packages in Portage.
Project email
IRC channel #gentoo-desktop (webchat)
Last elected: 2018-06-09
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Gentoo
Project listing

The X11 project manages the X implementations, drivers, base-level accessories and fonts in Portage. This includes x11-base/xorg-server, media-libs/mesa, dev-libs/wayland and x11-drivers, as well as other core libraries, fonts and accessories.


The sub-project aims to support X implementations and driver or accessory addons to the core. Increasing the modularity of monolithic builds and making configuration automatic (or at least easier) are part of its current work.


To get involved with improving Gentoo's X11 experience, we would like to hear from you! The main thing you'll want to do is be active on Gentoo's Bugzilla. Also please join Desktop project members in the #gentoo-desktop (webchat) channel on Libera.Chat.

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