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Benchmark the optimal rounds for an ed25519 key

Since no further discussion has taken place regarding this topic, we consider the discussion to be concluded. However, it is worth noting that the default number of rounds for generating ed25519 keys in SSH is typically 16. The higher recommended rounds provide stronger security but may also introduce additional computational overhead.

To determine the optimal number of rounds for ed25519 key generation, it is advisable to perform benchmarking. This process involves measuring the performance of the SSH key generation process with different round values. By conducting benchmark tests, system administrators and security practitioners can find the right balance between security and performance.

Benchmarking allows for the identification of the most efficient round value that still maintains an acceptable level of security. It helps to optimize the generation process of ed25519 keys, ensuring they are created efficiently without compromising security.

For more information on benchmarking the optimal rounds for ed25519 keys, please refer to the tips and tricks section of SSH page.

RE: Regarding on SSH edits

Yes I can do that but why did you remove what I added in case you think it's incorrect or I'm misunderstanding maybe? I became unsure about the area because you wrote that it's not needed anymore but I checked it out and became unsure so I removed the benchmark script at the moment, the default is 16 and the best way is to benchmark it I don't know, is it really needed to add it to talkpage?

Regarding on SSH edits

Hello, can you please put your comment from to Talk:SSH page? Your insight information could be useful on improving actual SSH page. --Winterheart (talk) 21:06, 29 April 2023 (UTC)