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Name wuseman
Nickname wuseman

Gentoo user since 2008-01-10
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Contact info
wuseman (IRC)

svThis user is a native speaker of Swedish.
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  • I have a deep affection for the Gentoo community and its remarkable members.
  • I have been an avid Linux user since 2004, starting with Mandrake as my first distribution.
  • I firmly believe in the importance of sharing knowledge.
  • I hold immense respect for all developers who contribute to the open-source community. <3
  • I possess an intense fascination for exploring various hacking and bypassing techniques, constantly challenging myself around the clock. However, it's important to note that by "real hacking," I refer to genuine exploration and skill development, completely separate from any criminal activities associated with being a wannabe black hat hacker. I want to emphasize that I distance myself from such behavior. The reason I mention this is because it's easy to misinterpret my activities when looking at my results on platforms like GitHub. However, I want to clarify that everything I do is solely for educational purposes, with no malicious intent.

Brief info

Over the years I have accomplished several noteworthy feats within the field

  • Identified and exposed several vulnerabilities in OpenWRT, contributing to the ongoing improvement of its security measures.
  • Developed a groundbreaking brute force tool with 100% security to unlock the lock screen PIN on any Android device, provided that USB debugging mode has been enabled.
  • Devised an innovative approach to bypass the limited attempts restriction on button presses by simulating commands through "cmd lock_settings." This breakthrough, which garnered millions of worldwide views, can be witnessed in real-time through a tool that I have shared. I particularly appreciate the meticulous video by Android Infosec, showcasing the tool's effectiveness: [https:/ /]
  • Successfully bypassed the purportedly most secure BIOS, as attested by HP Wolf Security, by resetting the correct chip within an astonishing 3.2 seconds. For more detailed information, please refer to my Github repository.
  • In 2014, I accomplished the feat of bypassing the remote lock feature on Acer devices running ChromeOS by manipulating the serial with flashrom and utilizing other specialized tools.
  • These achievements, along with numerous other projects, can be explored in greater detail on my Github profile and other reputable platforms such as XDA-Developers and Stack Overflow..
  • In 2023 - First half: Found another way Bypassing Factory Reset Protection: An unauthorized user could enable ADB post-factory reset, install a third-party terminal application, and execute the script to identify the device's PIN code. By leveraging the revealed PIN, the user could initiate another reset while the device is still in FRP mode and subsequently unlock the device using the obtained any of the login methods. If a device is lost or stolen and ADB is enabled, it becomes even more vulnerable. Unauthorized users could run the script to ascertain the PIN code, providing them with unauthorized access to the device and its contents. (patching since june, moderate since it's not over remote)
  • In 2023 - Second Half: SVE-2023-1059(CVE-2023-30721) - Insertion of sensitive information into log vulnerability in Locksettings
  • Thinking out of the box and doing the impossible possible, in some way, that's my thing obviously, security minded.


Feel free to contribute if I have missed anyhting important anywhere and if I'm wrong, correct me and I'll then I will redo and do it right, that's how I think you learn best, I take both negative and positive feedback in all its different forms if they're on topic.

Wuseman (talk) wuseman Wuseman (talk) 10:41, 20 May 2023 (UTC).