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Name wuseman
Nickname wuseman


Gentoo user since 2008-01-10
Contact info
wuseman (IRC)

Gentoo user since 2008


  • "I Love Gentoo community and all it's amazing people"
  • "Linux user since 2004(Various Distros)
  • I believe' in sharing knowledge
  • I have full respect for all developers who contribute to open source <3
  • Extremely interested in everything that can be hacked and bypassed to challenge myself all the time 24/7, hacking as in "real hacking" and NOT as in "im a wannabe blackhat hacking way and im an criminal idiot".

Gentoo Wiki Maintainer Of ADB Section

Mastering ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and working with Android devices from shell (Samsung,Huawei,Motorola,LG has all been cracked or security bypassed via FRP protection, you can find my personal wikis for bypassing samsung and huawei on my github - I never had the opportunity to playw sony ericsson, xiamio etc) This does not automatically mean that I can build apps, rather the opposite. I have zero knowledge about JAVA, or atleast MINIMAL knowledge so contact me about adb/shell stuff only if you need some kind of help.


Few things I've done over the years.

  • Exposed several exploits on OpenWRT, find more information on my GitHub
  • Created the first brute force tool with 100% security to break lockscreen pin on any Android device aslong as usb debugging mode has been enable, find more info about this project under <>
  • Main Project: Emagnet is a tool for find leaked databases with 97.1% accurate to grab mail + password together, emagnet also have support for auto brute force gmail accounts in realtime and it's very easy to add your own scripts to run beside emagnet - <>

Gentoo Tips and Tricks

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If you have problems, questions, ideas or suggestions please contact me on

For faster contact visit and when you are connected, just enter '/msg wuseman hi'

Update 2022-09-17: Available @telegram < >

More places you can find me: