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When doing zpool create, use WWNs for persistent block device naming or else grub-probe may have trouble. This is especially important when wanting to USE=libzfs with GRUB and to boot with root on ZFS. You can find the World Wide Names by looking in /dev/disk/by-id/. sys-boot/grub-2.02-r1, sys-fs/zfs-0.7.12, December 2018.

Hello, I added some minor things I ran into while migrating a working Gentoo install to ZFS root; thank you for your guide! The section on kernel compilation provided the missing key I needed to figure out why my initramfs seemed to have a random chance of not working. --Bombcar (talk)

Added hints for systemd setup and to use by-id for the disk as mentioned above. --HideBehind (talk)

When doing zpool create on a virtual machine, you cannot use WWNs or anything else in /dev/disk. It's not populated. You must use /dev/sdb, and the like.