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This project is in an early design phase! It's an idea that I'm still building in my head. Any constructive thoughts or comments are appreciated! - Matthew Marchese (maffblaster)

gencache is a daemon that can be started on any Linux system that supports a Python interpreter. Its goal is to alleviate strain on official Gentoo infrastructure by caching the Portage tree and requested distfiles (packages) locally. This will aid enterprises and power users that have many Gentoo machines on their LANs.



  • /etc/gencache.conf - Global configuration file. INI format.
Portage sync
Configuration interable. Once per day is the default, but this can be changed. It can even support not caching at all until a machine on the LAN side requests a sync.
Full (liberal) clone, conservative clone (only the packages that machines on the LAN side use).
Data storage location
Specificy a location to write all the files. Needs at least something like half a terabyte for a full distfiles clone.

Delete files from distfiles when: A) They are removed from the Portage tree B) Not until known the machines on the LAN side have synced.