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This article is counting "secure communications" to be those that are encrypted and can be entirely self-hosted. This eliminates 3rd party snooping into communication. What constitutes self-hosting? If the software in question relies on a server that is not fully controlled by the webmaster in order to operate, then the service is not truly self-hosted.

Other factors to consider: Anonymous accounts and end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

If the communications software is end-to-end encrypted, then all the better, but that is not a strong requirement to be secure in this context.

Available software



  • Email (PGP encryption)
    • Requires a domain
    • Requires a (publicly announced?) mx record


  • Tox - Has security concerns that have been somewhat ignored by tox development team. See issue 426.
  • Chitchatter (NPM/React App/Progressive web app)

Note sharing

Self-hosted Pastebin style services:

  • Burner Note (PHP web app)
    • Requires a database


  • Mumble
  • GNU Jami
  • Matrix
  • Nextcloud Talk (plugin for Nextcloud servers)