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Salt is a remote execution and configuration manager.



KERNEL Enable support for salt

USE flags

USE flags for app-admin/salt Salt is a remote execution and configuration manager

cheetah Enable support for dev-python/cheetah3
cherrypy Enable support for using cherrypy.
genshi Enable support for dev-python/genshi
gnupg Enable support for gnupg via python-gnupg.
keyring Enable support for Secret Service API password store
ldap Add LDAP support (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
libcloud Enable salt-cloud support via libcloud.
libvirt Support managing virtual machines with app-emulation/libvirt.
mako Add support for using the mako template engine for parsing salt states.
mongodb Support returning data to a mongodb server.
neutron Support the OpenStack neutron network service.
nova Enable support for the OpenStack Nova API
openssl Add support for using TLS via OpenSSL.
portage Add support for package state enforcement using sys-apps/portage
profile Add support for software performance analysis (will likely vary from ebuild to ebuild)
raet Add support for the new RAET transport.
redis Support returning data to a redis database.
selinux !!internal use only!! Security Enhanced Linux support, this must be set by the selinux profile or breakage will occur
test Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)
vim-syntax Pulls in related vim syntax scripts
zeromq Add support for the zeromq transport.


root #emerge --ask app-admin/salt


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Environment variables


  • /etc/global_file_example - Global (system wide) configuration file.
  • ~/.local_file_example - Local (per user) configuration file.


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root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose app-admin/salt

See also

  • CFEngine - An automated suite of programs for configuring and maintaining Unix-like computers.
  • Puppet - A configuration management system written in Ruby

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