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DevOps is the fusion between traditional systems engineering and software development. It combines the power of cloud managed infrastructure with modern automation techniques.

No longer are Systems Engineers required to maintain physical servers. Large companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft compete by offering infrastructure services to business in each of their respective cloud products: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

Time to administer some Linux systems from a Linux system!


Tool installation

To begin utilizing AWS services from Gentoo, create an AWS account, then emerge the aws-cli tool:

root #emerge --ask dev-python/awscli

The tool is written entirely in Python, therefore the parent category is dev-python.

Command completion is available by appending the following text to the shell's .rc file. Presuming bash is the default shell:

FILE ~/.bashrc
# Command completion for aws-cli tool
complete -C '/usr/bin/aws_completer' aws
Other completions are available app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp package.

Obtain other related tools and programming libraries:

root #emerge --ask app-misc/jq dev-python/boto dev-python/boto3


AWS users will create the follow files upon running aws configure command and filling out the prompts with the appropriate information:

  • ~/.aws/credentials - This is an INI formatted file containing user credentials.
  • ~/.aws/config - This is an INI formatted file containing default region settings.

See upstream's documentation for more information.

External resources

  • - A technical blog covering Amazon Web Services.