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This is the start of a Catalyst guide...its contents are a work in process.

This guide on Catalyst assumes the reader has previously read the Catalyst article.


(Explain how to configure the package/software/tool/utility in this section.)

Environment variables


  • /etc/global_file_example - Global (system wide) configuration file.
  • ~/.local_file_example - Local (per user) configuration file.


(Explain how to use the package/software/tool/utility in this section.)


(Remove this section if not applicable.)


(Troubleshoot issues in this section. Separate issues by best describing the error with a new section name. Remove if no issues are known.)

Issue 1

When X happens, Y is how you fix it.


(Explain how to properly remove the software. If this section needs more than an 'emerge -C' command each step should be explained in detail so that no trace of the software remains on the system.)


root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose category/package

External resources

  • (Link to external resources (outside the Wiki) using bullet points in this section. It is common for the information in this section to full sentences that are links.)


(Optional section. Remove this section if references are not used. This section is used to cite factual information. This information is found outside the Gentoo Wiki and used to back up truth claims. The actual references themselves still be littered throughout the main article.)

Example Description
livecd/use The livecd-stage1 target is where Catalyst will build packages for the CD. These packages can be built with customized USE settings. The settings here are additive to the default USE configured by the profile. For building release media, the first thing is to disable all default the USE flags with -* and then begin to set customized flags as the value of this line.
livecd/packages This is the set of packages to be merged into the CD's filesystem. They will be built with the USE flags configured in livecd/use (as seen above). These packages must not depend on a configured kernel. If the package requires a configured kernel, then it will be defined elsewhere.