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This page collects extensive information about nominees in 2018 Council election.

amynka b-man dilfridge k_f leio rich0 slyfox soap tamiko ulm whissi williamh
Manifesto manifesto manifesto manifesto manifesto manifesto manifesto
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Council? [source] never never since 2013 (5 terms) since 2015 (3 terms) 2009-10 (1.5 term) 2013-17 (4 terms) in 2017 (1 term) never in 2017 (1 term) since 2009 except 2010 (8.1 terms[2]) never since 2012 (6 terms)
Trustee? [source] never never never never never 2011-13 (1 term) never never never never never never
ComRel? [ source ] no no lead member no no no no no no no no
QA? [ source ] lead no no no no no no member no member no member
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Answers to questions from gentoo-project
amynka b-man dilfridge k_f leio rich0 slyfox soap tamiko ulm whissi williamh
Roles of Council and Trustees [src] Council: technical direction; Trustees: legal and financial responsibility; dissolve Foundation in favor of umbrella org [src] Council elected by developers should be the single steering body of Gentoo; eventual transition from Foundation to umbrella org [src] Trustees: make sure the bills are paid and affairs are in order; Council: handles the distribution [src] Council: developer community, user base and all technical development decisions; Trustees: assets and support, carrying out requests from the developer community [src] Trustees: financial assets, trademarks, possibly copyright; Council: everything else [src] same as bman and k_f; prefer SPI but will respect the preference of the majority [src] Trustees: protect the trademark, logo, copyrights, provide financial services; Council: cross-project technical decisions, handle disciplinary/qa appeals [src]
Lack of manpower [src] efforts from developers; e.g. easy contribution via GitHub, marketing at events [src] fostering and enabling cooperation [src] improve reputation and visibility [src] streamlining the contribution process, maintaining special occasion releases, automation [src] not Council's job; it's responsibility of every single member of the Gentoo community [src]
Unified vision of Gentoo [src] passionate developers are sign of health; Council&dist should set clear goals [src] differences are good if they can be discussed in a fruitful way; Council exists to solve disagreements [src] meta-distribution allows for diverse agendas, existing mechanisms work fine [src] fine as long as projects don't conflict; if they do, they need to arrange with each other; QA/Council should not abuse their power to pull the project against majority [src]
amynka b-man dilfridge k_f leio rich0 slyfox soap tamiko ulm whissi williamh
Follow community requests or own judgment [src] always represent developers even if he disagrees with them; civil discourse is important [src] listen to developers, be familiar with daily affairs and make decision based on that [src] once elected the duty of the individual is to what is perceived as the best of the organization, despite any short term noise [src] own judgment with research and consideration of other opinions, for same reasons as k_f [src] follow community consensus [src] he would not vote against developer consensus; in case of an unresolved controversy vote based on own judgment [src] in the perfect world we all agree; if we don't agree, Council member should follow the majority [src] things are not clear-cut; need to decide which way is better on case-by-case basis [src]
Proactive or reactive Council [src] Council should remain proactive and ensure developers can do their work unobstructed [src] proactive council that takes responsibility for all aspects of Gentoo [src] individual council members are doing this already, by being involved in the various projects [src] proactive council members, reactive council as a whole [src] developers should be the ones making decisions, so the Council should be careful with autonomous decisions if necessary [src] impossible to distinguish between Council and Council members acting as individuals [src] passive and avoid involvement unless explicitly requested [src] most of the time, intervene only on request of developers [src]
Community veto/dissolution power [src] There should be a defined path to removal; it should be done smartly and no room for malice or ill intent [src] supports my/tamiko's GR proposal [src] yearly elections serve that purpose, not sure if additional complexity is worthwhile [src] there is yearly elections and overturn potential (but OK with high limits); general voting possibility good, e.g. to help council decide on important cases purely based on opinion decisions [src] yes [src] he would not oppose a system similar to Debian's general resolution if it has reasonably high

thresholds [src]

only if the community is looking for a committee which will decide for them [src] they can already change GLEP 39 at any point; not opposed to general resolution [src]
amynka b-man dilfridge k_f leio rich0 slyfox soap tamiko ulm whissi williamh
gentoo-dev posting restrictions [src] TL;DR: the decision was tough but reasonable; we can implement different techniques in the future [src] trying to solve the problem is better than hoping it would go away; things can be changed when a better solution is found [src] it's consistent with other aspects of Gentoo, e.g. editbugs on Bugzilla; the original intention of -dev was to be even more restricted [src] probably against but needs more pondering; hopeful for a different solution but should stay restricted until it's in place [src] necessary to stop abuse; can be reopened once moderation is in place [src] 100% against [src]
position of Gentoo in Linux ecosystem [src] adaptability, configurability, and community; we excel at servers [src] infinite adaptibility, cutting edge testing w/ solid stable, wide arch support, ideal for software developers [src] for power users; focus on flexibility and performance, stable runtime and upgrade path [src] for power users, decision makers and people who want to learn how things work; sometimes too often forcing choice; meta-distribution for other projects [src] one of the source-based distros; customization; fine and knowledgeable user base [src] most customizable distro out there; power user distro [src]
amynka b-man dilfridge k_f leio rich0 slyfox soap tamiko ulm whissi williamh
Use of GitHub [src] supports use as mirror and a familiar and easy way to contribute [src] supports being where contributors are; we do not have to rely on it and handle people who don't use it well; gitlab might be interesting as replacement for everything but purely for merge requests it's not worth the effort [src] good for reaching to wider audience; should not be used for issue tracking; projects should be encouraged to use git.g.o [src] not opposed if used as optional mirror that brings more developers [src]
Own use cases for Gentoo [src] server+laptops (all amd64) [src] everywhere but phones (~amd64, arm64, arm, mips) [src]
Improvements for Gentoo experience [src] start enforcing standards, e.g. GLEP 63; security [src] ability to choose to leave a choice to the maintainer; faster/better package manager; more OS innovation from Gentoo [src]

  1. Retired for 3 months in 2017
  2. Also served for a month in 2008/09 Council