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Metamodernist Engineer
Joseph McElroy
Spaceship Earth
Contact info
JM01085758 (IRC)

enThis user is a native speaker of English.
Gentoo user since 2023

Hi, I'm JM01085758. Thanks for visiting my wiki userspace page!



  • Prior to switching to Gentoo in 2023, I used openSUSE Tumbleweed, and before that, dual-booted Debian and Windows for a while.

My projects

Project 1

  • Note about project 1.

Current documentation interests

  • Security topics
  • AMD hardware, ROCm
  • Being better than the Arch wiki 😉
  • 3D printing, CAD programs
  • All things Wayland

My hardware

Subpages (drafts/in-progress)


Kernel Self-Protection Project

Kernel lockdown

Address space layout randomization

Linux Security Modules