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hyprpaper is a blazing fast Wayland wallpaper utility with IPC controls.


USE flags

Currently this package has no use flags.


It is available in the GURU repository[1]. After enabling that repo, run

root #emerge --ask gui-apps/hyprpaper


For a simple wallpaper that loads when Hyprland starts, place exec-once=hyprpaper into the Hyprland config file. Then create ~/.config/hypr/hyprpaper.conf with the following lines:

FILE ~/.config/hypr/hyprpaper.conf
ipc = off
preload = /home/username/Pictures/wallpaper.jpg
wallpaper = eDP-1, /home/username/Pictures/wallpaper.jpg

Replace eDP-1 to denote the monitor being used. This preloads wallpaper.jpg and sets it as the default wallpaper, while disabling IPC for the sake of battery life. Refer to the official documentation link above for more advanced configuration options. Use of ~ in the wallpaper file paths may cause issues, so it is safer to default to spelling out the full path.

For paths that contain spaces, no quotes " or escaping \ needed, for example: preload = /path/to/my bg.jpg


See https://wiki.hyprland.org/Useful-Utilities/Wallpapers/ for other Hyprland wallpaper utility options.

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