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This page gives brief lists of various desktop related packages for Wayland, such as compositors, application launchers, and so on.

For the basics of Wayland, see Wayland.

Many packages below are found in the GURU and wayland-desktop overlays, and are not yet included in the main ('gentoo') repository.


In Gentoo, many Wayland compositors are found in the category gui-wm.

Window managers can be classified mostly as three kinds below. (Notice Wayland compositors have the role of window managers.)

  • Stacking (aka floating): The traditional mode of how window managers are expected to behave, similar to that of Windows or OS X. Windows act like pieces of paper on a desk, and can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Tiling: Windows are tiled so that none of them overlap. These usually make very extensive use of key-bindings and traditionally have little to no reliance on the mouse. Tiling window managers may be manual, offer predefined layouts, or both.
  • Dynamic: These window managers can dynamically switch between stacking and tiling configurations.
Name Package Type Usability Extra notes
Enlightenment x11-wm/enlightenment Stacking Ok Eye candy compositor part of the Enlightenment desktop environment
Hikari gui-wm/hikari Stacking Ok Simple, clean compositor inspired by OpenBSD's x11-wm/cwm
KWin kde-plasma/kwin Dynamic Ok KDE's compositing window manager/Wayland compositor.
Mutter x11-wm/mutter Stacking Ok GNOME's compositing window manager/Wayland compositor.
Sway gui-wm/sway Tiling Ok x11-wm/i3 clone
Wayfire gui-wm/wayfire Stacking Ok Beautiful, eye candy compositor inspired by Compiz
Cage gui-wm/cage::guru Kiosk Beta Kiosk based compositor for displaying a single fullscreen application (in GURU overlay)
Cagebreak gui-wm/cagebreak::wayland-desktop Tiling Beta Tiling compositor inspired by RatPoison (in wayland-desktop overlay)
DWL gui-wm/dwl::guru Tiling Unstable DWM clone
Hyprland gui-wm/hyprland Tiling Unstable Dynamic tiling compositor that doesn't sacrifice on its looks
Kiwmi gui-wm/kiwmi::wayland-desktop Stacking Unstable Fully programmable compositor configurable with Lua (in wayland-desktop overlay)
LabWC gui-wm/labwc::wayland-desktop Stacking Unstable OpenBox clone (in wayland-desktop overlay)
Liri gui-liri/liri-shell::wayland-desktop Stacking Unstable QT shell from Liri OS (in wayland-desktop overlay)
Newm gui-wm/newm::wayland-desktop Tiling Unstable Wayland compositor written with laptops and touchpads in mind (in wayland-desktop overlay). Note that newm has now become unmaintained [1], though a fork of it has been created[2].
River gui-wm/river::wayland-desktop Tiling Unstable Dynamic tiling compositor, inspired by DWM and bspwm (in wayland-desktop overlay)
Waybox gui-wm/waybox::wayland-desktop Stacking Unstable OpenBox clone (in wayland-desktop overlay)
Weston dev-libs/weston Stacking Not for general use Reference compositor implementation for developers

Functionality by compositor

Sway is based on wlroots; other compositors based on wlroots include DWL, Hyprland, River and Wayfire. An extension available on Sway might be available on such other wlroots-based compositors as well.

The following tables are based on the information provided at Wayland Explorer; last updated 2023-09-24. A number indicates which version of an extension is supported by a compositor.

Wayland extensions marked 'core'

Extension Latest version KWin Mir Mutter Sway Weston
wl_compositor 6 5 4 5 5 5
wl_shm 1 1 1 1 1 1
wl_data_device_manager 3 3 3 3 3 3
wl_shell 1 1
wl_seat 9 8 8 8 8 7
wl_output 4 4 4 4 4 4
wl_subcompositor 1 1 1 1 1 1

Wayland extensions marked 'stable'

Extension Latest version KWin Mir Mutter Sway Weston
Presentation time 1 1 1
Viewporter 1 1 1 1
XDG shell 6 4 5 4 2 5

Wayland extensions marked 'staging'

Extension Latest version KWin Mir Mutter Sway Weston
Idle notify 1 1 1
Session lock 1 1 1

Wayland extensions marked 'unstable'

Extension Latest version KWin Mir Mutter Sway Weston
XDG decoration 1 1 1
Idle inhibit 1 1 1 1
Primary selection 1 1 1 1 1

Display managers

A display manager (DM), sometimes known as login manager, presents the user with a graphical login screen to start a GUI session.

For the full article and available DMs, see display manager.

Application launchers

Name Package Usability Extra notes
bemenu dev-libs/bemenu Ok dmenu clone
Fuzzel gui-apps/fuzzel|wayland-desktop Ok Application launcher similar to rofi's 'drun' mode (in wayland-desktop overlay)
j4-dmenu-desktop x11-misc/j4-dmenu-desktop Ok i3-desktop-menu replacement
lavaLauncher gui-apps/lavalauncher Ok Simple, static, launcher
nwg-launchers gui-apps/nwg-launchers::guru Ok GTK based static-bar + logout + grid (in GURU overlay)
rofi-wayland gui-apps/rofi-wayland::guru Ok A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement - fork with Wayland support (in GURU overlay)
Wofi gui-apps/wofi Ok rofi clone

Clipboard managers

Name Package Usability Extra notes
wl-clipboard gui-apps/wl-clipboard Ok Simple command-line programs

Desktop notifications

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Dunst x11-misc/dunst Ok Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
Mako gui-apps/mako Ok Lightweight Wayland notification daemon
Notification Daemon x11-misc/notification-daemon Ok Notification daemon from GNOME project
Tiramisu gui-apps/tiramisu::guru Ok Minimalistic desktop notifications provider (in GURU overlay)

Status bars

Name Package Usability Extra notes
i3status-rust x11-misc/i3status-rust::guru Ok Very resource friendly and feature-rich replacement for i3status (in GURU overlay)
SFWBar gui-apps/sfwbar::guru Ok Sway Floating Window Bar (in GURU overlay)
Waybar gui-apps/waybar Ok Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and wlroots-based compositors
Yambar gui-apps/yambar Ok Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by Polybar (in wayland-desktop overlay)

Terminal emulators

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Alacritty x11-terms/alacritty Ok GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
Kitty x11-terms/kitty Ok A modern, hackable, featureful, OpenGL-based terminal emulator
Mlterm x11-terms/mlterm Ok A multi-lingual terminal emulator
foot gui-apps/foot Ok A fast and lightweight terminal emulator for Wayland

Wallpaper managers

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Azote gui-apps/azote::guru Ok Wallpaper and color manager for X and wlroots-based compositors (in GURU overlay)
MPVPaper gui-apps/mpvpaper::guru Ok Video wallpaper program for wlroots-based compositors (in GURU overlay)
Oguri gui-apps/oguri::wayland-desktop Ok Wallpaper daemon supporting animated wallpapers for Wayland compositors (in wayland-desktop overlay)
SwayBG gui-apps/swaybg Ok Wallpaper utility for all Wayland compositors
Hyprpaper gui-apps/hyprpaper::guru Unstable Fast wallpaper utility with support for all wlroots-based compositors (in GURU overlay)

Screenlock and idle management

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Swayidle gui-apps/swayidle Ok Idle management daemon for all Wayland compositors
Swaylock gui-apps/swaylock Ok Screen locker for all Wayland compositors
Swaylock-effects gui-apps/swaylock-effects::guru Ok Swaylock fork with fancy effects (in GURU overlay)

Multiple display configuration

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Kanshi gui-apps/kanshi Ok Dynamic display configuration, like autorandr, for all Wayland compositors
wdisplays gui-apps/wdisplays::guru Ok GUI-based display configuration for all Wayland compositors (in GURU overlay)
wlr-randr gui-apps/wlr-randr::guru Ok Xrandr clone for all Wayland compositors (in GURU overlay)

Screenshots and recording

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Grim gui-apps/grim Ok Screen image grabber for all Wayland compositors
Slurp gui-apps/slurp Ok Screen region selector for all Wayland compositors
Swappy gui-apps/swappy Ok Screenshotting and editing tool for all Wayland compositors, inspired by OS X snappy
wf-recorder gui-apps/wf-recorder Ok Screen recorder for all Wayland compositors

Remote access

Name Package Usability Extra notes
Wayvnc gui-apps/wayvnc Beta VNC server for wlroots-based compositors
Waypipe gui-apps/waypipe Unstable Transparent proxy for all Wayland compositors

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