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Name R. Rogalski
Nickname Aslantis

Gentoo user since ~2020/06/01?
enThis user is a native speaker of English.

Hello, I've been a Gentoo user for about 2 years now. If you think something I wrote in the wikis is wrong, it probably is, so feel free to correct it. Also the highest grade I got in English during high school is a C, so apologies for my writing not being good. I guess my English teachers were right after all, maybe it is useful :) (although probably not)


Here's a list of my user pages. Some of these probably will never be moved to the main pagespace, as they're for stupid niche things. Feel free to edit any of these and move whatever to the main pagespace!


I believe there is some way to email me through my wiki account. If there isn't, or email isn't preferred, I run a small IPoAC network. Although it may be smart to still use SSL, as there are many packet sniffers around my area (hawk's nest a tad away).