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this is a placeholder for now, until I go back and document all of my steps

My personal setup: iPhone 7 international - iOS 13.1 - checkra1n
My tester's setup: todo

Things I've learned:

  • Get headers by extracting the SDK files from to / <--- note potentially very dangerous and there's much more safe options
  • iphoneos-sys package from bingner doesn't seem to provide working headers
  • Does not seem to be a working gcc, at least in these repos: even when on arm64 and not arm64e.
  • Change the default password of the mobile user for the love of larry
  • Sometimes directly running scripts `./configure` doesn't work, and you need to run them like `bash configure`

Things I still need to figure out:

  • wth I even set my CHOST to
  • figure out the minimum amount of packages to install via cydia/apt (clang-10 atm)
  • figure out what exactly needs to be compiled manually. it is likely the entirety of GNU coreutils will need to be bootstrapped, at the very least ar and bison
  • If gcc can even run on these things
  • why anyone would want to do this