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This is a quick guide on hooking up heisenbridge to ZNC, as it took me a good while.

Once you get the bridge installed, DM @heisenbridge:your.domain. Next, send it the following commands (adapt them / duplicate them for your IRC network(s) of choice):

ADDSERVER libera 6667
OPEN libera

The name ("libera" in this case) is purely cosmetic, used in the MXIDs so each network can have seperate users. The IP will be the IP of your ZNC, if heisenbridge and ZNC are hosted on the same machine, should work.

Next, you will receive an invite to a room per each network. You will need to specify your username, network, and password all in the password command, using a forwardslash and colon respectively to seperate everything:

PASSWORD yourZNCusername/theIRCnetworkNameAccordingToZNC:yourZNCpassword
NICK yourZNCusername

You should be immediately invited to all your rooms ZNC is connected to. If you are not in any rooms on a particular server, they can be set up in the *status room you will be invited to.